Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Reveal Pokémon Teracrystal - News

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Reveal Pokémon Teracrystal – News

After some news from the world championships to be held in London and the anniversary update from Pokemon Unite, Pokemon Scarlet and Purple have as expected occupied the biggest chunk of this new Pokémon Presents. The opportunity to discover a little more about Paldéa, the franchise’s new exploration theater which this time will be an open world. A place that we will not explore alone, since Koraidon and Miraidon, the two legendaries already presented, will in fact be Pokémon mounts that will accompany us from the start of the game. The mechanical aspect of their design comes into its own, these creatures being able to ride like motorcycles, but also to climb cliffs, swim through bodies of water and even hover in the air.

On the novelty side, this new trailer also focused on a new form of Pokémon: the Teracrystal variation. Unlike Chromatics (shiny) that only change the creature’s appearance, Teracrystallization is a phenomenon that changes the Pokémon into a shimmering gem – like those very fragile glass charms. A Teracrystal Jewel also appears on his head and grants him a special power that can only be used once in combat. A very powerful attack corresponding to the Teracrystal type of the Pokémon concerned.

In addition to testing our retina, this transformation can indeed change the type of a Pokémon – there are 18 in total. Like the Gigamaxes of the opuses Sword and Shield, Scarlet and Purple will feature Teracrystal Raids when four players connect together to attempt to capture one of these glitzy new Pokémon.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple will also welcome new Pokémon, such as the regional variant of Axoloto of Poison and Ground type, or Pâtachiot, a new little Fairy-type dog. This new trailer also focused on the various secondary characters that we will come across. Our hero or heroine being the student of an Academy, we will be surrounded by other students like the shy Penny, but also by teachers. Our quest will be divided into three main parts, one of which concerns the famous arenas, although this episode will leave players free to complete them in the order of their choice. To see what other elements await players in this ninth generation scheduled for Switch on November 18.

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