Image 1 : Lisa Su confirme que les Ryzen 7000 arriveront au cours de ce trimestre

Lisa Su Confirms Ryzen 7000s Will Arrive This Quarter

According to unofficial information, the Zen 4 chips would be launched at the end of August, and available from September 15.

On the occasion of the presentation of the financial results of the second quarter, Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, clarified the launch period of Ryzen 7000 processors and Radeon RX 7000 graphics cards. before September 30; the second later in the year, probably during the fourth quarter. On the other hand, EPYC Genoa processors will also land in 2022.

Credit: AMD

About the Ryzen 7000 processors, Lisa Su said: “We are on track to launch our all-new 5nm Ryzen 7000 desktop processors and AM5 platform later this quarter, with class-leading performance in gaming and content creation” ; about graphics cards: “While we expect the gaming graphics market to be down in Q3, we remain focused on executing our GPU roadmap, including the launch of our high-end RDNA 3 GPU later. This year “.

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Processors announced at the end of August and launched in mid-September?

As you can see, Lisa Su does not communicate specific dates. Hassan Mujtaba of WCCFTech, however, claims to know them. Our colleague informs next August 29 as the day of the official presentation of the chips. The testing embargo would be lifted on September 13. Finally, the actual availability would be effective from September 15.

At Intel, for Raptor Lake desktop processors, leaks in recent days suggest an announcement on September 28 and a commercialization on October 17. If WCCFTech’s schedule is genuine, then AMD would be about a month ahead of its rival.

On the server processor side, on the other hand, AMD has free rein for its EPYC Genoa: Intel has postponed the release of its Sapphire Rapids processors to February or March 2023.

The situation is more blurred for new generation graphics cards (RDNA 3 at AMD, Ada Lovelace at NVIDIA). The two companies could play the watch as much as possible in order to allow retailers to sell the stocks of current generation cards. In any case, Radeon RX 7000s and GeForce RTX 4000s will certainly be available before the end of the year. Lisa Su’s comments assume, however, that this assertion only applies to the top of the range (Radeon RX 7900 or even Radeon RX 7800).

Source: Tom’s Hardware USWCCFTech

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