discover a video grip that breaks the embargo

discover a video grip that breaks the embargo

A videographer on YouTube visibly breaks the embargo set by OnePlus to unveil the OnePlus 10T in preview.

Source: NTFTW

OnePlus has a habit of sending media and influencers its upcoming smartphones in advance. In a generally quite bulky box, the brand slips its new flagship and all the accessories relating to it. The goal: that all the tests can be published as soon as the smartphone is announced and maximize the enthusiasm around the event.

The NTFTW YouTube channel obviously had other plans. A video published on August 1 reveals the OnePlus 10T in a complete hands-on: “ embargoes are overrated “, announces the videographer. A final leak while the smartphone is expected for Wednesday August 3.

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The OnePlus 10T

The video therefore essentially presents aunboxingof the OnePlus 10T. The phone comes with an impressive 160W charger and a USB-C to USB-C cable. A USB-C to USB-A adapter is also included.

The video talks about a $600 smartphone, but its price should be much higher than that according to previous leaks. We don’t learn much more about the smartphone. The size of the product is close to that of an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The video ends with a small demonstration of two official hulls provided to the press.

Leak or communication?

The videographer highlights the fact that the official OnePlus account in the United States quoted and retweeted the NTFTW leak. One can wonder about the truly irreverent nature of this leak a few hours before the presentation of the phone. Has the brand given the green light for this leak? In any case, she does not seem bothered by this publication.

Embargoes are Overrated…  _ OnePlus 10T Unboxing 2-49 screenshot
Source: NTFTW

Obviously, it can more simply be a brand that cleverly embraces a leak rather than generating a Streisand effect by trying to block them. Samsung recently made a name for itself in this area by blocking Evleaks publications on Twitter.

See you this Wednesday August 3 to discover the OnePlus 10T and the new version of OxygenOS.

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