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A solar flare will hit Earth in the next few hours

For years scientists around the world have been sounding the alarm about solar flares. These are uncontrollable, unpredictable and can undermine much of our organization here on Earth.

As we launch more and more things into space, starting with communications satellites, a massive solar flare could bring down the entire system. Indeed, the radiation from this eruption, which should rather be imagined as a cosmic gust of wind, is the worst enemy of current terrestrial communications systems.

If on Earth, such tools are protected by the magnetic field of our planet, in space things are very different. Indeed, the satellites, but also the astronauts present in orbit in the ISS are easy targets for a solar flare.

Where does a solar flare come from?

While we do not yet know very well the origin of the latter, nor especially their frequency of appearance, scientists know how to detect it very well. And for them there is no doubt to have: a solar flare will hit the Earth today Wednesday August 3rd.

An announcement that makes you think of the beginning of a disaster movie, but fortunately for us, things are much less serious than they seem. Indeed, the solar flare currently heading our way has been studied and classified.

According to the scientists behind these numerous studies in recent days, the solar flare should be “weak”. According to the Space Weather Prediction Center, this eruption would have taken shape in one of the many “holes” in the Sun.

These areas have a much lower density than the rest of the Sun, which explains its name. While the contact should therefore take place today during the day for the Earth, the electrically charged waves of this eruption will slightly compress the magnetic field of the planet, causing a geomagnetic storm.

A solar flare: the worst possible disaster?

But the researchers are formal, the risks associated with this solar flare are minimal. It is believed that the storm that will result from the clash between the eruption and the Earth’s magnetic field could have the potential to cause minor power grid fluctuations and impact some satellite functions.

According to experts, this storm should serve as a lesson to us, knowing that things could be much worse in a few years if the eruptions increase in intensity over the years. Scientists explain that it would be possible to bring down satellites on Earth in the event of a serious eruption. The researchers even believe that a phenomenon of rare power could shut down the Internet on the entire planet Earth.

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