Fonds d'écran iPhone : les meilleurs sites pour en trouver de bons

the best sites to find good ones

Want to change your iPhone wallpaper? Here are the best sites where you can download them.

Have an iPhone, it’s cool, but with a good wallpaper, it’s still great. You lack inspiration change your wallpaper ? Discover the best websites where you can upload good pictures adapted to the screen of your iPhone, iPad and other Apple-branded devices.


Vellum Wallpapers

It’s about a mobile app for iOS. It offers various HD wallpapers for any kind of Apple smartphones. Every day, Vellum offers you a wallpaper that disappears 24 hours later. If you only use the free version, you will not be able to access the wallpapers presented earlier. You should subscribe to the Premium version.

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Zedge is both a website and a mobile application available on AppStore. As soon as you access it, you see a variety of wallpapers. Just click on an image and Download to download it.

Zedge Wallpapers

Specially on the app you can access live wallpapers. But you must subscribe to a Premium version to access all the wallpapers offered.


Certainly the best site among the proposals. The site lists a variety of wallpapers for all Apple devices. They are arranged by category or theme (3D, Star Wars, Movies, Series, Animated, Nature, Sport…). You can also search for wallpapers based on your device model.


When you find what you like, you just have to click on it, choose the model of your smartphone in order to download it according to the appropriate dimensions. Finally, the site is completely free.


It’s about a image bank very popular. It offers all kinds of images for your iphone wallpaper. Here you will find beautiful 3D wallpaper, nature images, textured images, movie images, etc.

You can search there according to the theme of the image you want. You will then only have to download according to the dimensions of your wallpaper. Finally, this website is totally free.


Just like Unsplash, Pexels is a database ofpictures Royalty-free. You will find a variety of images that are completely free and uploaded by photographers.

Pexel Wallpapers

Pexels has a section called Phone Wallpaper. You will be able to find there many images for wallpaper. Otherwise, you can also search according to the theme you want.


Poolga Wallpapers

It is a specialized web for iphone wallpapers. It is powered by illustrators and other independent users. There are many wallpapers that are basically suitable for iPhone 6+. However, you can modify it for the size of your smartphone.


Admittedly, this is not its primary function: Pinterest is a network social made to inspire people. However, you can find many vertical images there to make wallpapers.

pinterest wallpapers

You can search according to the theme of the image you are looking for. You will then only have to adapt it to the screen of your device and that’s it.

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