Overwatch 2: Overpriced rare skins?  Players ignite and Blizzard responds

Overwatch 2: Overpriced rare skins? Players ignite and Blizzard responds

Game News Overwatch 2: Overpriced rare skins? Players ignite and Blizzard responds

Expected on October 4, Overwatch 2 will make its revolution by becoming completely free-to-play and removing lootboxes from the equation. The competitive team-based hero-shooter will take on the basic gameplay of its predecessors, with new maps, modes, events and characters. But the cost of the skins worries.

Overwatch 2: A new economic model devoid of lootboxes

In fact, Overwatch 2 will benefit from the success of the first opus while opening its arms to all players who wish to continue playing or try their hand at the license. Free-to-playthe title will offer OWL tokens, credits and points to collect to afford skins or various cosmetic items.

We will earn it by playing, and it will be normally possible to buy with real money, and to afford packs. But the players worry about how much they will have to spend in-game to customize their favorite characters. Blizzard has yet to detail how the online store will work. nor the fee schedulebut recently indicated that a new rarity tier has been created: mythical.

Skins at exorbitant prices?

This new rarity implies a higher price than for the legendaries, but we will have to wait for Blizzard to communicate to find out more. But then what are the players worried about, concretely? For the past few days, anger has been rising among some players, who received a survey from Blizzard, with many questions. The part that interests us today concerns the sums that players would be willing to put in certain skins or bundles.

Oof, a friend of mine got an Overwatch survey on his behalf, some of these prices they’re giving for OW2 are really high. I hope it was just him who got one of the surveys with the highest prices and not an indication that they are heading towards so much monetization.

Overwatch 2: Overpriced rare skins?  Players ignite and Blizzard responds

$44.99 Legendary Skin, $24.99 Legendary Skin, or $29.99 Legendary Bundle, these are the proposals of this survey, which immediately ignited the reactions of players on social networks. Faced with this situation, our colleagues from IGN have contacted Blizzard, who were quick to defuse the situation, sent a rather reassuring press release:

This survey is entirely intended to better understand players’ preferences for different types of Overwatch 2 cosmetics. The prices displayed in the survey have been randomized by user and are not indicative of the final price. We plan to share details of our store and Battle Pass system closer to our launch.

In other words, the idea of ​​the survey is to send various prizes to the players surveyed to estimate the proportion of good and bad reactions. It is therefore unlikely that the prices displayed in the poll published by the Twitter user are those that Blizzard currently has in mind. Anyway, we hope find out more very soonthe title coming out in just over two months.

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