Twitch: The crazy estimate of Sardoche's earnings on Twitch after his marathon!

Twitch: The crazy estimate of Sardoche’s earnings on Twitch after his marathon!

news culture Twitch: The crazy estimate of Sardoche’s earnings on Twitch after his marathon!

Twitch, a streaming platform owned by Amazon, allows users to earn money based on their status (affiliate, partner). Subscriptions, bits and donations are part of the income directly generated, but it is also possible to carry out commercial operations. In other words, it’s rare, but you can make a lot of money.

A recent study showed that over 95% of streamers only had 5 viewers or less, far from what it takes to hope to live from the activity, sign agreements with Twitch, win juicy commercial operations, despite the instance, the motivation and the relentlessness of the videographers. However, a small fraction of streamers manage to generate enough income to live off itlike Sardoche, Andréas Honnet.

A live subathon from South Korea

Specializing in League of Legends since 2014 while regularly playing other titles and chess, the streamer has a large community. But Sardoche Split, whether because of certain statements or his outburst during the games. Several times suspended from the Twitch platform, he ended up travel to South Korea to face local players and move away from western servers, on which it would be vized by acts aimed at rotting its parts.

Long delayed by the pandemic, the journey was able to begin in the spring, and recently embarked on a subathon. The principle of this subathon is quite simple in the sense that the operation is launched for a duration of 24 hours of streaming, and extended by one minute with each additional subscription within two weeks. A popularity concept by Ludwig, which set a record at 283,061 subscribers.

And as much to say that for Sardoche, the operation was a great success, so much so that even the streamer indicated that he did everything to stop it, without success for a while. In total, the Sardoche subathon lasted 277 hours, that is to say 11 days and 12 hours! Games, chess games, rest and walks in Seoul, the daily newspaper of Sardoche was therefore broadcast for more than 10 days, an exhausting operation:

So here what I’m trying to do is get people off my stream actually, get them to stop sub and I can go to sleep to get fit for Japan. So, I’ve been playing chess for 3 days now. And sometimes I go to sleep to rest. And it doesn’t work at all.

11 days of streaming, and a colossal estimate of earnings!

A tiring but lucrative and successful operation, as Sardoche announced that its 11-day, 12-hour Subathon had generated 15,180 paid subscriptionsthe subs, thus completing most of the objectives set up.

But then, how much did Sardoche earn with this subathon. Unfortunately, only an estimate can be madeTwitch partners, depending on the importance of their community and their aura, being able to trade directly with Twitch about profit sharing. Based on a distribution at 50-50 subscriptions, which have been costing €3.99 for a few months, the streamer would have pocketed no less than €30,284 !

A colossal sum, does not take into account possible sponsors, more expensive tier 2 and 3 subscriptions, or commercial operations in progress. It is also likely that the real sum is higher, but unless Sardoche directly gives the amount, we can only estimate. After this very long marathon, the streamer flew to Japan where he arrived on July 31.

I had a lot to do to prepare for my trip to Japan, and I couldn’t have lasted until the very end of the 14 days, so it’s a big relief for me. It was a great way to conclude the Korea arc to keep a good memory. I think this trip allowed me to do a huge job of questioning a lot of things. I now know what is good for me and I have all the tools to start again on a good basis to offer you the best streams in the future. I was there, he said on Twitter.

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