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This free artificial intelligence restores your photos in an instant

With a new model of artificial intelligence, the Chinese company Tencent offers to restore your photos in an instant.

In the computer world, everything leads us to believe that the next big revolution will be the arrival of an overdeveloped AI, capable of answering all of Humans’ questions. If this futuristic vision worries part of the population, engineers and developers of AI projects are much more optimistic and see the glass half full.

According to them, AI will be a revolution capable of radically improving people’s lives, without endangering them. So in order to arrive as quickly as possible at this perfect world (or almost) artificial intelligence must be developed. It is with this idea that the GFP-GAN project was born.

Developed for free by Tencent researchers, this tool can restore damaged portraits or portraits with very low image resolution. According to the developers themselves, this technology should make it possible to merge two AI models to fill in missing details in a photo.

The idea is to add realistic details in seconds. While this technology has been around for years with many AI models, Tencent’s approach is quite novel. With this method, Tencent hopes to be able to preserve “ identity of people in a photo, with particular emphasis on facial features such as eyes and mouths.

A free demo to get a first idea

In order to realize the progress of this technology, it is possible to use a free demo of GFP-GAN. In order to make the development of this new feature even faster, the researchers have posted their code to allow anyone to implement the restoration technology in their own projects.

If the result of the free demo is quite interesting, researchers at Tencent explain that the result is not always so perfect. In some cases, a “slight identity change” may occur in your photos. The creators of the demo also explain that the resolution of the image will not, as if by magic, change at all.

It is not possible to print a retouched photo in A3 and hope for a rendering as good as with an iPhone 13, but this AI allows you to make big changes to old family photos that have been damaged by time. Many projects of this style are currently being developed. Nvidia is also working on an AI that can retouch photos using the same method.

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