Image 1 : Les processeurs Raptor Lake mobiles seront lancés dès cette année

Mobile Raptor Lake processors will launch this year

Alder Lake mobile processors will therefore have successors less than a year after their release.

The launch of the 13th generation Core Raptor Lake desktop processors in 2022 was hardly in doubt. Nevertheless, concerning the mobile versions, we anticipate a release at the beginning of the year, as for the Alder Lake generation. Comments made by Pat Gelsinger during the presentation of the financial results for the second quarter invalidate this last hypothesis.

Credit: Intel

Intel CEO Says Company Will Introduce Raptor Lake Desktop Processors This Fall; those for the mobile segment before the end of the year. The company therefore plans to launch two generations of mobile chips within a year of each other. Finally, Meteor Lake is still scheduled for 2023.

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Raptor Lake vs. Ryzen 7000

Here is the statement from Pat Gelsinger: “We are building on Alder Lake’s leadership with Raptor Lake in the second half of this year and Meteor Lake in 2023. […] To date, we have shipped well over 35 million units of Alder Lake. In today’s market, we also see relative strength in the high-end segments we cover in the consumer and commercial sectors.

We plan to build on this momentum with the launch of our next-generation product family – Raptor Lake – starting with our desktop SKUs this fall, followed by our mobile product family by the end of the year. The Raptor Lake family will offer customers significant benefits, including double-digit generation-over-generation performance gains and backward compatibility with the Alder Lake platform. And in 2023, we will deliver our first heterogeneous processor built on Intel 4 – Meteor Lake – which is showing itself to be in good shape in our laboratories and those of our customers. »

If you prefer AMD products, you should also be able to get your hands on Ryzen 7000s under Zen 4 architecture in the coming months. On the other hand, for mobile Ryzen, it may be necessary to wait until 2023 to take advantage of this CPU architecture.

Source: INTC

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