Twitch: Discover the astronomical sum that Sardoche pocketed thanks to his marathon

Twitch: Discover the astronomical sum that Sardoche pocketed thanks to his marathon

11 days and 12 hours, that’s how long the subathon of Sardoche on Twitch, which started on July 16 at 4 p.m., and ended on July 28. If it is still far from the record for the longest stream on the platform, it is still a feat that will be remembered.

The rules of the Sardoche subathon

The concept of a subathon on Twitch comes from the combination of the words “subscriber” and “marathon”. Its purpose is to help a channel create an influx of subscribers through a long stream.

This concept was widely popularized by Ludwig, which also holds the record for the longest stream. Ludwig’s subathon started in March and ended in April, after 31 consecutive days of streaming, including while sleeping. During this period, he broke the concurrent subscriber record on Twitch with approximately 282,000 subscriptions.

Each content creator can choose the rules for their subathon. For Sardoche, the rules were as follows: the subathon will last 24 hours minimum and with each new subscription will add 1 more minute at his live. The time limit set will be 15 days maximum.

A crazy sum won for the streamer

For its subathon, Sardoche stayed live for 277 hours, i.e. 11 days and 12 hours.15,180 subscriptions were given or offered during this period. Without doing too complex a calculation — the remuneration that streamers get from Twitch is still rather obscure — and assuming that Twitch takes 50% of the sum of a subscription at 3.99 euros, Sardoche would have earned no less than €30,000, without counting the various third parties of subscription and the possible sponsors and operations.

However, this information should be taken with a grain of salt (or a whole handful, since we are talking about Sardoche), because the calculation is most certainly wrong. Each big streamer has their own agreement and their own contract with Twitch.

One thing is certain however, the Sardoche subathon was a big success to celebrate his last moments in South Korea.


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