Dead Space: the development of the remake passes an important milestone

Dead Space: the development of the remake passes an important milestone

Game News Dead Space: the development of the remake passes an important milestone

Expected for next January, the remake of the first Dead Space is on the right track according to Motive Studios. The teams recently threw a little party to celebrate the developer’s milestone.

Sci-fi horror is back

Originally released in 2008, dead space first of the name jostled fans of Survival-Horror with its tortured sci-fi vision. In the game, you play as Isaac Clarke, an engineer responsible for reestablishing contact with the USG Ishimura, a lost spaceship that no longer gives any sign of life.

Packed with good ideas and terrifying jumpscares, the first Dead Space followed up a now-essential sci-fi survival-horror trilogy that never really found a successor. A situation that could potentially change by the end of the year since Glen Schofield, creator of the license, will soon revisit the genre with The Callisto Protocol, a software that shares an undisguised relationship with its predecessor. Regarding Dead Space, players will be entitled to a remake of the first game in early 2023.

With the release of these two apps, winter 2022-2023 is therefore looking more frightening than ever, except of course in the event of a postponement. Because yes, for the moment we touch wood and we hope that none of these games will see their release date postponed. According to the latest news, development for Dead Space Remake is going very well and the game is on course for January 2023.

head in the stars

Motive Studios, the team responsible for this remake, has recently given some encouraging news. The title is on excellent track as the developers have just passed the first phases of alpha. A significant step, especially since the Motive Studios teams are busy carrying out a real total overhaul.

Not only should this news please fans of the license, but it also allows us to see the good form of the teams which seem to maintain a healthy working atmosphere. Something to announce good for this remake scheduled for January 27 on PC, Xbox Series and PS5.

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