Face avant de la A770 Limited Edition

a launch from August 5 to September 29

It is Igor Wallossek from the Igor’s Lab site who releases the information: the launch of graphics cards Intel Arc Alchemist could be done gradually over the period from August 5 to September 29. During this time, the Californian glove should therefore launch its three flagship graphics cards: Intel Arc A770, A750 and A580.
On the other hand, we do not know if this launch schedule refers to China initially as was the case with the A380 or if it is valid for the whole world.

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It should also be noted that the brand is no longer planning a launch with great fanfare, but something much more discreet, going first through the retail trade and only a few media. Intel should therefore start shipping the first cards to selected media. It will therefore be necessary to pay great attention to the objectivity of these media, objective tests will probably only be available once the cards are actually available on the market.

Front of the A770 Limited Edition

We also know from an Intel interview with media that the cards won’t be announced until they’re ready to be sold to customers. Moreover, in a tweet, Raja Koduri announces that Intel is very attached to the roadmap. And we must admit that by launching its cards no later than September 29, the cards will have actually been launched during the third quarter of 2022. It only remains to see what the brand’s higher-end models will give and hoping that by then the pilots have been a minimum improved. Indeed, let us recall the disaster that this represents when the German media managed to get their hands on the Intel Arc A380 card. Additionally, some are talking about the fact that Intel might simply cancel its graphics cards even before the release of the second generation of Battlemage cards.

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