The Frost Mage is able to One Shot raid bosses - World of Warcraft

The Frost Mage is able to One Shot raid bosses – World of Warcraft

While still mourning the disappearance of his favorite toads, Rextroy returns with a very nice combo signed Sandalf. The latter has indeed discovered that it was possible to accumulate several Cold Gusts, a PvP talent where Frost Nova instantly ends the cooldown of Cone of Cold while increasing its damage by 600% for 6 seconds.

The first thing to know is that Cold Flurry charges stack separately. We are therefore talking about a 600% increase in damage, then a second increase of 600%, a third and so on. At 5 stacks, Cone of Cold’s damage already kills almost all raid bosses in one hit.

Although it is a PvP talent, Cold Blast also works in raids and dungeons. The hardest part now is to stack all 5 charges because the buff only lasts 6 seconds. By using various Mage tools (including Glacial Veins), Rextroy managed to obtain 5 charges in three seconds by stealing from other mages.

Then there are three seconds left to leave the fight, pass the loading screen and then kill the boss with Cone of Cold. Perhaps the most difficult to optimize is the loading screen. Rextroy removed everything that is not essential by uninstalling all addons, minimizing the interface and even asking his teammates not to have toys or effects that would require loading on his part.

It finally paid off as he managed to reach Rygelon and cast Cone of Cold just as his buffs were wearing off.

For the anecdote, Rextroy tried the same thing on the Jailer. In theory, this should work since he has 25 million hit points and Cone of Cold damage is higher. However, he did not manage to lower it lower than 8%, as if Blizzard forced the passage through phase 3.

If you don’t have much time, skip to 7:59 on the video, that’s when Rygelon is killed in one shot. Be careful, it goes very, very fast 😉

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