Skyrim: 11 years later, Bethesda's game still has surprises in store

Skyrim: 11 years later, Bethesda’s game still has surprises in store

Game News Skyrim: 11 years later, Bethesda’s game still has surprises in store

It was in 2011 that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released, a game that, for many, revolutionized the world of Western role-playing games. Moreover, even today, the Bethesda Softworks game unleashes passions and delivers many surprises.

Skyrim, a game full of surprises

Everyone knows, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim constantly has many surprises in store. It must be said that the title of Bethesda offers hours and hours of content, especially when we add the many expansions of the game gathered more recently on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S in an Anniversary Edition. In addition to the main quest alongside the Greybeards, the title allows you to participate in many side quests, to join guilds to climb the ladder, to simply go about your business or even to build your home to live recluse with your family. small family.

Today, a player, then persuaded to have completed the game from A to Z, also shared his surprise when he saw that, 6 years after starting his game, he managed to pass a quest: the Ghost of Old Hroldan quest.

A hidden quest

If you also missed this famous quest, note that you have to go to an isolated inn which is located on the Reach side, along the Karth river. Inside, an innkeeper named Eydis offers you, for a few coins, to stay in Tiber Septim’s room, just that. For those who do not know the character, know that he is particularly at the heart of the story of Oblivion, the fourth installment in the saga The Elder Scrolls. Once you have slept in his bed, when 1 a.m. strikes, your character, created from scratch, is awakened by the cries of the innkeeper. The reason ? A ghost appears… You guessed it, it is obviously the ghost of old Hroldan who, rested, drinks a pint of beer on one of the chairs in the inn.

If you take the time to talk to him, he offers you to bring him back his sword which, unfortunately, was cut into eight pieces and randomly sent to the four corners of Skyrim. Now all you have to do is take your patience with both hands to find all these pieces and thus obtain a more or less valuable reward: 1 One Hand skill point and 1 Blocking skill point.

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