PlayStation unveils several new features -

PlayStation unveils several new features –

On the Daily program, the big boss of Xbox can no longer wait for a certain PlayStation exclusive, the PS5 is updating and carrying lots of new features in addition to unveiling a new controller and Diablo Immortal is definitely doing a lot of silver. The Daily, let’s go!

Lots of new stuff at PlayStation

PlayStation has unveiled a new controller and an update that is already available in beta on the PS5 for the lucky ones. The Backbone One Controller – Playstation Edition is already establishing itself as the best way to play PlayStation games on mobile. With the new update, the PS5 supports video output in HDMI 1440p, which is a good compromise between graphic resolution and saving resources so as not to lose performance. The update also incorporates Playlists and social features.

Xbox CEO wants to play God of War

Phil Spencer, the big boss of Xbox, announced on Twitter that he absolutely wanted to play God of War: Ragnarok. He lent himself to the game of the Community Manager of the official account of the console, which asked players to return to their journey as a gamer. Phil Spencer is highly appreciated by the gaming community for his sympathy. He absolutely does not hesitate to highlight the competition. He doesn’t want to hear about the console wars. For him, it is important to maintain a good relationship with the manufacturers.

Diablo Immortal: Blizzard’s new golden egg hen?

Diablo Immortal is a free game but with its lootbox system, which really helps with progression, it was quickly qualified as pay-to-win. Despite this controversy, the game brings in a hell of a lot of money for Blizzard. In eight weeks, Diablo Immortal raised the sum of 100 million dollars. When we do the math, we notice that the game has been bringing in over $1,785,000 per day since its release.

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