Stray, multiplayer: how to play several thanks to this mod

Stray, multiplayer: how to play several thanks to this mod

news tip Stray, multiplayer: how to play several thanks to this mod

You liked Stray but you would have liked to walk the streets of the sealed city with one of your friends? You are obviously not the only person in this case, since a fan took the time to create a mod allowing you to play the little girl from BlueTwelve with several people. We will explain everything to you :

A contemplative moment to share

Stray hit our screens recently, and nothing seems to be stopping BlueTwelve’s little cat, which continues to grow in popularity with gamers – casual or not. With nimble legs and a robotic sidekick, Stray’s four-legged hero offers a different gaming experience of what we can get used to. This puzzle game emphasizes exploration and observation, and features a simple story that will appeal to most players. Stray offers a relaxing and contemplative experienceand this reflects on its community, which takes the time to snoop everywhere, to decode the alphabet of the game, and above all to share their desires in terms of gameplay.

Recently we told you about mods to change the appearance of the protagonist. While some have fun replace the cat with other characters, like the famous Garfield or even a version of CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas straight out of hell, others prefer embody their own furball by simply modifying the coat of the animal. But some modders went beyond visual changes, and managed to produce something to flesh out the gameplay a bit and make the game even more user-friendly, like the multiplayer mod that we are going to present to you:

You read correctly: there is indeed a mod allowing several people to play Stray. Created by a player named KangieDaniethis mod is based on the principle of split screenand will allow you to either add another controller or share your keyboard. Note that this is a trial version of the mod, so bugs will be in the game, but you should be able to get by and have a good time regardless. In this version of the mod, only player 1 has access to HUD, the other players will therefore have to do without. Also know that additional players can get stuck after a transitionbut just return to the main menu and of reload save To fix this problem.

Stray, multiplayer: how to play several thanks to this mod

If you own the PC version of Stray and you are interested in this mod, you can get it at this address. And if you are looking for other mods for this particular game, do not hesitate to consult the dedicated portal on Nexus Mods – it is full of tools as wacky as they are creative. To install the multiplayer mod, just follow the instructions below:

  • start with create an account for free to be able to download the files “SplitScreenMod.pak” and “SplitScreenRequiredConfig_P.pak”.
  • Place the file “SplitScreenRequiredConfig_P.pak” in the file “Paks” of the game, either “steamsteamappscommonStrayHk_projectContentPaks” for the Steam version.
  • Download the UnrealModLoader from the multiplayer mod description or from this address and extract the files to the folder of your choice (not in game files).
  • Go back to the folder “steamsteamappscommonStrayHk_projectContentPaks” and create a new folder in it called “LogicMods”.
  • Place the file “SplitScreenMod.pak” inside this folder.
  • Launch the UnrealModLoader.
  • Start strayand have fun!

Note that to add a player, you will have to press F9 from the main menu. The mod creator has indicated that it is theoretically possible to play with more than 2 people, but more bugs may occur. See if it’s worth it!

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