Noah's Heart - MMORPG Noah's Heart prepares for launch, client available for pre-download

Noah’s Heart – MMORPG Noah’s Heart prepares for launch, client available for pre-download

The cross-platform MMORPG Noah’s Heart will be launched tomorrow July 28, inviting you to explore its gigantic universe. Until then, the game client is available for pre-download to start designing your character.

After being pre-launched last April, Noah’s Heart is now announced in an international version (notably translated into French) and the game servers must start welcoming players from tomorrow July 28, at 9 a.m. GMT-5 (i.e. 4 p.m. Paris time).

So that to be ready as soon as the servers open, the game client is already available for pre-download on the official website (available in French). The most impatient can obviously also begin to define the appearance of their character and incidentally share the image on social networks.

For the record, Noah’s Heart takes the form of a cross-platform MMORPG (playable on PC and mobile platforms), which immerses the player in a world fantasy crossed with steampunk, with anime-inspired graphics. As Genshin Impact Where Tower of Fantasythe game adopts mechanics of gacha : the player controls and advances his character but can also recruit “phantoms” (via summons to buy), mercenaries freely inspired by historical figures (including Jean Valjean or Victor Hugo), all endowed with specific abilities and who will fight alongside the player – who therefore leads a complete group of several characters, his hero and his phantoms (the phantoms act automatically in combat, but you will have to combine them cleverly to generate synergies within the group).


To stand out from its counterparts, Noah’s Heart nevertheless relies on his universe: the huge planet Noah (a spherical world without borders therefore) counting several continents and which can be explored on foot, on a mount or in a vehicle, but also by flying thanks to a jet-pack (whose autonomy is limited), then by hovering in the skies with a hang-glider or by leaping with the help of a grappling hook (allowing to reach the roofs of a building or the cornice of a cliff).

This world incorporates more or less everything you would expect from an MMORPG: numerous quests, dungeons and bumpsresources to harvest, as well as arenas – which can accommodate duels between players but also confrontations of ghosts (two teams of AI-controlled ghosts compete and the most coherent team or developing the most effective synergies takes it away).

So many elements to discover more concretely tomorrow with the launch of the international version of Noah’s Heart on PC and mobile platforms, distributed free-to-play. For the curious, registrations are still open on the official site and allow you to grab some bonuses for the launch.


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