Logitech Aurora: the worst is also on the way with us...

Logitech Aurora: the worst is also on the way with us…

There are subjects that trigger an unfailing mobilization of vigilantes and other moralists. Let’s be direct, it’s a rant that we publish here against a brand that we really like. The concepts of “gender” and others are generators, from our point of view, of many artificial divisions and some like to carry them to create conflict where there is none. On the subjects of gender and inclusiveness, one would think that the hardware was safe… But no. Here is the Logitech Aurora range…

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Logitech Aurora: the worst in marketing?

We thus learn that Logitech has just launched the range of AURORA peripherals, a range which consists of the wireless headset G735wireless keyboard G715of the keyboard G713and mouse G705 wireless, as well as 8 customizable accessories. The new collection was designed to be inclusive and gender neutral. This collection meets the expectations and needs of female players.

Rather than rolling out the press release delivered by Logitech to all the editors and taken up learnedly by them, we will content ourselves with noting the lamentable and opportunistic side of the approach which, in our opinion, does not grow Logitech.

[…]a collection of gear that invites gamers to express themselves as they are, while meeting their expectations in terms of performance.

Wanting to create a commercial segment based on a very questionable divide seems detestable to us. Where we could perhaps idealize a community of players that is certainly not uniform, but has common values, the desire to do business categorizes people to separate them even better. Did we need this if we wanted to have a less aggressive keyboard? White peripherals, soft, with all the colors of the world exist in many brands for years.

We put here the presentation of this “range” to give you an idea. Ours is already made, it’s an opinion like any other, but we also wanted to express it… Freely.

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