Collect a ton of free games thanks to a unique program

Collect a ton of free games thanks to a unique program

Game News Collect a ton of free games thanks to a unique program

If you want to discover new video game experiences, without spending a penny, you’ve come to the right place.

After the Epic Games offers, those of Opera GX

For a few years now, the daily life of players has been punctuated by offers from all walks of life. Sony offers PlayStation Plus, a subscription program that delivers games every month, and, for its part, Xbox delights players with Gold or its Game Pass, two other subscription services. But despite this proliferation of programs, only Epic Games Store, the new Epic Games store, submits games to its community without compensation… Well, until today. From now on, the store of the creators of Fortnite is no longer alone on this playing field, since the platform of independent productions GX.Games in turn unveils an unbeatable proposal.

GX.Games, on its Opera GX browser, allows everyone to leave with many independent games, and this, for free. This offer will be, like Sony’s PlayStation Plus or Microsoft’s Gold, renewed every month. This platformavailable for download by clicking here, launches its surprise program on the hats of wheels by offering a total of six video game productions.

This summer, we are offering our users six premium indie games worth 60 euros for free. While AAA studios are great at making awesome games for the mass market, it’s the independent developers who create those games bursting with creativity and originality that capture the imagination of gaming audiences. We appreciate that and want these games to be spotlighted. That’s why, at GX.Games, we provide players with awesome games to play for free, along with a host of exclusive content and demos. Mattijs de Valk, Vice President of Content Acquisition at Opera

The list of games offered

So this month, players can walk away with a total of six games, starting with Seals of the Bygone, a rogue-like that asks players to survive against the forces of chaos. It is defined as a “fast-paced” game. It is also possible to count on the presence of sheeppoa platform game that, in a way, borrows a lot from Ori and the Blind Forest and its sequel Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Other games are of course free on the Opera GX platform like Totemlandsa relaxing proposal; Doomed to Hella rogue-like in which you have to be constantly on the lookout; Tunnel of Doom, a hybrid between rogue-lite and tower defense; and dog worlda shooter with platformer elements.

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