Chronicle: Hogwarts Legacy is becoming clearer

Chronicle: Hogwarts Legacy is becoming clearer

On the menu of the Daily today, we will first discuss the latest rumors around the takeover of Square Enix by Sony, then we will tell you about Hogwarts Legacy which could be playable in advance according to certain leaks and we will end with news of the Star Wars project KOTOR which seems to be in bad shape. The Daily, let’s go!

Play early at Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is a highly anticipated game for Harry Potter fans. Reddit user BattleDashBR searched the official Hogwarts Legacy website and found hidden files detailing all 3 editions of the game. 72 hours. Pre-orders should start soon.

Square Enix bought by Sony?

Square Enix acquired by Sony, it is the kind of noise of corridors which one hears about for years without having the concretization of it. But in the case of Square Enix, an unexpected actor has just taken the floor to make the hypothesis of seeing the Japanese publisher passed under the bosom of Sony even more credible. Indeed, the site was able to speak with St├ęphane d’Astous, the founder of Eidos Montreal. During the interview, St├ęphane d’Astous states that he heard rumors that Sony was interested in Square Enix Tokyo only.

Star Wars KOTOR postponed

The Star Wars KOTOR Remake was announced for PS5 during The Game Awards. The project has been in the works for three years and is supposed to be scheduled for the end of 2022. According to a source mentioned by Bloomberg, too much time and money have been invested in the demo and that 2025 would now be a more realistic release date. .

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