Bully: The game from the creators of GTA 6 under Unreal Engine 5

Bully: The game from the creators of GTA 6 under Unreal Engine 5

Game News Bully: The game from the creators of GTA 6 under Unreal Engine 5

While Rockstar Games is working hard on Grand Theft Auto VI, some fans of the New York house’s creations are deciding to bring the studio’s past productions back to life. This is the case of TeaserPlay which reimagines Bully under Unreal Engine 5.

Bully under Unreal Engine 5, what does it give?

Long before Niko Bellic arrived in Liberty City and the heists of Michael, Franklin and Trevor on the streets of Los Santos, a certain Jimmy Hopkins ruled the roost in Canis Canem Edit, a game that first saw the light of day. on PlayStation 2 in 2006 and which had the right to several editions under the name of Bully. 15 years later, a fan of the license decides to revive this adventure like no other which takes place in the Bullworth Academy, a private establishment in New England, and which takes up the main lines of the recipe of the Grand Theft Auto saga.

As you can see by watching the video below, our creator of the day, TeaserPlay, has decided to transpose Canis Canem Edit into a completely redone universe under Unreal Engine 5, the latest version of Epic Games’ in-house engine. The goal here is to give us a glimpse of what a game like Bully could offer with today’s means. It is for this reason that the developer has chosen to use all the technologies made available by the engine, starting with Lumen, which offers dynamic global lighting that reacts in real time to changes made in a scene. 3D. TeaserPlay also works with Nanite, a feature that makes it easy to import 3D models from third-party software like ZBrush, and MetaHuman Creator. As its name suggests, this latest technology makes it possible to design realistic faces in record time.

A moment of nostalgia

In addition to flattering the retina, this video also allows fans of the first hour to dive back into the Bullworth Academy, a world where everything is possible or almost. In particular, we can see the young Jimmy Hopkins crossing the courtyard with a nonchalant step or even rediscovering some emblematic places such as the abandoned premises, the backyard with its disused bus and of course the classrooms. To reinforce this feeling of nostalgia, TeaserPlay has also recovered the original soundtrack of the game composed by the talented Shawn Lee.

As a reminder, Bully was normally expected to wait for a sequel, but unfortunately, fate decided otherwise. Rockstar Games preferred to use its workforce to set up Red Dead Redemption II, but also GTA VI which has just offered players real information.

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