NieR: Automata, a secret area discovered by a player unleashes the Web, the ultimate secret of the game?

NieR: Automata, a secret area discovered by a player unleashes the Web, the ultimate secret of the game?

While it will return to Switch in a few months under the title NieR: Automata The End of YoRHa EditionI’Action RPG of PlatinumGames and Square-Enix unleashed passions on the Web at the start of the week. If you thought the game’s ultimate secret was found last year by Lance McDonald, this unlikely discovery has everything in question. However, it is not recent, since the story already dates back to June 11, when the user sadfutago posted on Reddit a strange message asking how to open the church in NieR: Automata…except that there is no such building in the game. He then clarified that it was the building under the Duplicate cityto which he has access with A2but not his friend playing the game. Except never no one had access to such a place or at least did not mention it on the Web before him. The story could have ended there, on a possible troll, but then he posted two photos of this unknown area.

NieR Automata mystery church 02 26 07 2022.

But it was only on Monday July 25 that he literally dropped a bombshell by finally publishing a video showing his access to this area, stopping in a strange corridor. He then returned to the charge this morning with the complete sequence then showing the famous church, in which is a mysterious being made of shadows and an altar on which the form of a body is present, a flower coming out of his chest… References to NieR Replicant ?

Among the hypotheses put forward by Internet users, there is one that would make sense and would like this area was present when the game was released in version 1.0 on PS4 and PC in 2017, and would then have been deleted with one of the patches released afterwards. A post Reddit dating from August 2018 precisely evoked a version of the Duplicate city found in the game files with the presence of a church. If ever sadfutago has for some reason played without updating (console offline, with the original Blu-ray), that would explain a lot. Again, if this is the case, there will undoubtedly soon be other players who manage to do the same by trying to access it. Unless he unknowingly carried out a manipulation of keys or other actions that opened the way…

Of course, the tracks of the fake or a mod very advanced remain possibilities, but difficult given the evidence provided. For his part, Yosuke Saito posted a tweet with the intriguing message “Eternal mystery…”.

Hopefully we’ll get to the bottom of the story eventually, maybe via Yoko Taro or other members of the development team. NieR: Automata The End of YoRHa Edition is otherwise available for pre-order at a price of €39.99 on Amazon.

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