Daily Adventure Incense with the Legendary Birds of Galar!

Daily Adventure Incense with the Legendary Birds of Galar!

From today, a new type of Incense is available in Pokemon GO for a sample of Trainers, and soon for all! His name: theDaily Adventure Incense.

What if I don’t have access to the feature? As for each feature, a first batch of players is chosen to have access to the feature on D-Day. The other players will therefore have access to it gradually on the following days. Still a little patience !

Daily Adventure Incense

Of a period of 15 minutes and available 1 time per daythis Daily Adventure Incense makes it possible to show uncommon pokemon if you walk during its activation. Note that it is not possible to use both the Mystery Box and/or theIncense classic and/or this Daily Adventure Incense.

Launch Special Study

In order to introduce you to this new Incensea Special Study is available to players with access to this feature!

A Mysterious Incense – Part 1

Task Reward
Step 1/1
Collect your reward Daily Adventure Incense ×1
Awards: XP ×1000

A Mysterious Incense – Part 2

Task Reward
Step 1/2
Use 1 Daily Adventure Incense XP ×1000
Use Daily Adventure Incense to catch 10 Pokemon XP ×1000
Walk 1km XP ×1000
Awards: Poke Ball ×25, pokemon ponyta Ponyta, Stardust ×500
Step 2/2
Use 6 Daily Adventure Incense XP ×2500
Use Daily Adventure Incense to catch 100 Pokemon XP ×2500
Walk 10 km XP ×2500
Awards: XP ×25, Appearance of ??? (will be known in 6 days), Stardust ×2500

Articuno, Electrhor and Moltres of Galar

Big surprise related to this feature, and to simulate the fact that we meet them in nature in Pokémon Sword and Pokemon Shield (DLCs The Crown Snowlands), it is possible to meet Articuno of Galar, Galar Electron and Galarian Moltres through theDaily Adventure Incense !

Pokédex sheets

You can access the Pokédex sheet of each of these Pokémon by clicking on one of the images below.

User tutorial

If you have trouble using theDaily Adventure Incensehere is a quick tutorial!

Activate Daily Adventure Incense

After completing theSpecial Study titled A Mysterious Incense – Part 1you will receive a daily Daily Adventure Incense in your Bag. To use it, all you need to do is to click on it from your Bag or directly on theicon in the top right of the in-game map. A blue haze will wrap your character during the 15 minutes of its activation (against a green color for the classic Incense). Note that theDaily Adventure Incense does not count towards the total number of items you can have in your bag.

Catch Pokemon

Just like theIncense classic, after activating it, Pokémon will appear. However, for this Daily Adventure Incenseyou will need walk ! The Pokémon that will appear thanks to this Incense will have a blue haze around them (against a green mist for the classic Incense). Likewise, during the meeting, theblue incense will be listed next to the Pokémon’s name.

Share your adventures

After the 15 minutes of using your Daily Adventure Incenseyou will receive a summary of your captures that you can easily share on social networks.

Out of Poké Balls?

When you activate theDaily Adventure Incense with 30 or less Poké Balls, Super Balls and Hyper Ballsthe game will give you 30 Poke Balls to enjoy some captures!

That’s all for the moment, stay connected on Pokekalos for more information ! Do not hesitate to consult our file Pokemon GOor our page which lists all current and upcoming events on Pokemon GO !

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