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This cult game is finally coming to smartphones: get your papers ready!

Nine years after its release, this independent title finally arrives on iOS and Android in a version adapted to the vertical format.

In 2013, a very strange independent game with unconventional gameplay was released. If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a customs officer in a totalitarian country, this title is for you. It is here a question of Papers, Please, Lucas Pope’s multi-award-winning little masterpiece. In this “identity papers dystopian thriller” (yes yes, that’s its real name), the player must check the papers of immigrants wishing to go to the great fictional nation of Arstotzka. This simple principle, however, allows for a strong narrative with important implications and makes each choice a real moral decision.

Glory to the Arstotzka

If you’ve never played it before, the title already available on PC, Mac and iPad will make its arrival on smartphones and tablets. This real gem will therefore enrich the catalog of iOS and Android stores to the delight of mobile gamers. Papers, Please will be available from August 5 on the App Store and Google Play. If you already have the iPad version, know that it will be converted into the new compatible version for smartphones and tablets.

Of course, who says passage on mobile says partial redesign of the design. In the manner of Monument Valley who made his transition from smartphone to PC at the beginning of July, Papers, Please goes the opposite way and sees its interface greatly reduced. The game is not distorted, however, as shown by this first image shared by Lucas Pope. Like the PC version, this one will offer the story mode as well as the infinite mode for ever more difficult games.

While waiting for the release of this mobile version of the cult game, know that there is a short film covering the story of the game in ten minutes, but beware of spoilers!

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