The Criminal Enterprises DLC Update Released, Content List - Rockstar News

The Criminal Enterprises DLC Update Released, Content List – Rockstar News

The various businesses of GTA Online are improved

One of the great novelties of The Criminal Enterprises update is a big change in business with many improvements and several additions, to more easily undertake our criminal enterprise in Los Santos and its surroundings in GTA Online.

It is now possible to carry out our missions of our different businesses in sessions by invitation, including sales.

It will of course still be possible to make our business sales in public session, and the money bonus, “high demand” has been increased, allowing to receive more GTA$ for people who like risk.

CEO Goods Traffic

People with a CEO office get a nice buff for special cargo traffic. Lupe, your new personnel manager who will have the job of filling the empty shelves of your warehouses with goods. It will fill your warehouses for you in a passive way, without you having to do it, all you have to do is sell your business.

Visit one of your warehouses to send a member of your staff to collect goods for GTA$7,500 for you.

Moreover, a new source of income is available for the businesswomen and men that you are. With this DLC, a shipment of special goods will be available every day, in front of your warehouse, just waiting to be delivered to the docks to make money.

To make a delivery, you must first send a member of your staff to search for goods for you from a warehouse, then ask your secretary in your office for the Export of miscellaneous goods.

And if you take advantage of these changes to relaunch yourself in this business, two new supply missions for your warehouse are added to those that are already available.

biker club

The Biker Club gets a facelift with The Criminal Enterprises update. Two-wheelers who have a customization workshop in their motorcycle clubs, have a free improvement allowing them to modify bikes for customers, then deliver them to make money, this is inspired by what is already being done in auto workshops.

The biker HQ turns into a nightclub-style business, your club bar opens up to the public and generates money. Complete restocking missions for the bar to maintain attractiveness for maximum profits.

If you want to bring out your inner biker soul, know that two new biker contracts are available in the meeting room of your HQ.

Arms trafficking

Two new missions to resupply raw materials from your bunker are available, and more of the ones that were already there.

New weapon delivery mission every day to a local armory to earn extra income.

Additionally, it is now possible to advance our weapon research to equip new gadgets for our Mk II weapons and some moddable vehicles in the Mobile Operations Center. Indeed, it is now possible to call agent 14 on our phone to launch a mission whose objective is to steal data from a well-armed target.


The night world rocks as much as the bass with GTA Online’s The Criminal Enterprises DLC. As a first step, it is now possible to call our dear Tony, to ask him for a nightclub management mission, thus facilitating the launch of these missions. As a reminder, some time ago, the passive income related to these missions and this business was increased, thus increasing to 50,000 GTA$ every 48 minutes if the popularity of the club is at its maximum, so you will no longer have no excuse not to join the party. Especially since two new box management missions see the light of day with this update, beware it may sting your eyes after an absence of new content for several months.

It is now possible to contact Yohan to launch missions to collect goods for the warehouse under the nightclub, thus boosting the filling to maximize our profits.

If you feel like playing Luis Lopez from Grand Theft Auto The Ballad of Gay Tony, it’s possible to keep the good vibes going by kicking out the spoilsports and escorting passed out VIPs to safe places outside.

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