Stray: For gamers, the game of the year is not Elden Ring

Stray: For gamers, the game of the year is not Elden Ring

Game News Stray: For gamers, the game of the year is not Elden Ring

Elden Ring was one of the biggest hits of the year pretty much everywhere, but it looks like Stray is enjoying even more gamers!

Released on July 19, the Stray cat simulation game has won a large audience. So much so that it could be referred to as best game of the yearin front of Elden Ring, if we listen to the players.

Players prefer Stray to Elden Ring?

Elden Ring was released in February. Since then it has been evaluated by 512,299 players on Steam. Among these are 461,048 positive ratings or betterand 51,251 negative ratings or worse. This is therefore equivalent to approximately 10% unhappy players of Elden Ring among those who left a review. Many were already considering it to be the best game of the year, according to players. However, a game released a week ago is already walking on its toes. Indeed, Stray has already recorded 47,145 ratings on Steam. 46,084 of them are positive at bestand 1,061 are negative or worse. So we only get 2.25% unhappy players. Better, the Elden Ring’s average rating is very positivewhereas Stray is extremely positively rated on average. As we had already seen in a previous news, on Steam, Stray is simply the highest rated game of 2022ahead of the PC port of God of War in particular.

A cute game versus a frustrating game

Stray is also rated higher than Elden Ring, by Metacritic users. (8.9 / 10 against 7 / 10). Obviously, it is difficult to compare the two games objectively as they are so different. But the fact that Stray is a cute game featuring cats, beloved animals on the Internetnecessarily gives it some extra credit, especially when compared to a game renowned for its difficulty and frustration that he can bring to the players. Add to this the fact that it is not only sold for 27 eurosa reasonable price for a good game. On the other hand, on the press side, there is no photo : Stray got a rating of 15/20 on our site, and average of 84 / 100 out of 85 reviews on Metacritic, when Elden Ring scored 18/20 on our site, and an average of 96/100 out of 83 press reviews.

Stray: For gamers, the game of the year is not Elden Ring

Stray was released on July 19 on PC, PS5, and PS4. Elden Ring was released on February 25 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, and Xbox One.

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