Logitech Aurora wants to go against stereotypes

Logitech Aurora wants to go against stereotypes

To satisfy as many people as possible, Logitech G unveiled its Aurora accessory collection on Tuesday, which is intended to be “genderless and inclusive”. Keyboards, mice and headsets in soft colors and elegant finishes, tinted with a little RGB, to satisfy female gamers, but not only.

The new Aurora collection launched by Logitech G for female gamers, but without forgetting gamers // Source: FRANDROID — Chloé PERTUIS

A few years ago, pink was fashionable with brands to try to seduce a rather female target fan of video games or anxious to get away from the usual black, brown, gray or white of Tech products. A plethora of helmets, keyboards or even mice had taken on a rosy appearance and were blooming everywhere. Ladies, if you didn’t like pink, you were missing out. Gentlemen, if that was your desire, it didn’t necessarily seem like this…

Other times, other customs. The time has now come to offer material for everyone and if possible fun. With Aurora, its new collection unveiled on Tuesday, Logitech remembers that almost one in two gamers is a gamer and that women also have the right to demand something other than black or gray from “big gamers”. Especially if they are only occasional players, without the desire to invest astronomical sums to afford slightly more attractive products.

A “genderless and inclusive” range

With Aurora, here is a selection of PC and other accessories that are above all “genderless and inclusive”. Because there is no more reason that they are intended only for women. The goal is to erase stereotypes to brew wide. But the products have nevertheless been designed by women for women. “With Aurora, we have created a collection that takes gender differences into account, focusing on comfort, accessibility and playfulness.“, recognizes however Ujesh Desai, vice-president and General Manager of Logitech G, the range of gaming accessories from the Swiss manufacturer.

Logitech G Aurora headset G735
The little halo on the helmet, the RGB button from the Aurora collection for all products // Source: FRANDROID — Chloé PERTUIS

To attract players, you have to know their needs and expectations. At Logitech, we have therefore studied the subject in depth to arrive at products with an elegant design, but still offering the best for gaming. There is therefore a G705 wireless mouse, a G713 wired and G715 wireless keyboard, or even the G735 wireless headset.

Aurora is above all a marked aesthetic choice. All accessories are white with RGB accents and translucent materials for some light. But each time we find possible more colorful keys with green, pink or blue variations and even 8 customizable accessories (keyboard and headset in mind).

And they are all based on three key principles: comfort in order to have headsets suitable for long hair, wearing glasses or earrings, mice that can be used by small hands and delicate textures to play as long as possible. . Here, there are no sharp edges or garish aesthetics, the design is designed for the greatest number with optimized personalization, on the shape as well as via the G Hub for multiple lighting options and light animations to choose from among four “Play moods “.

RGB, simplicity and customization

But these accessories are not just about design. They also provide real useful functions for gaming or simply to enjoy while working. The G735 headset offers dual audio mixing (two sources) with Blue VO!CE mic technology so that the gamer’s voice is perfectly modulated with the sound of the game. This will also allow you to save your audio settings in G Hub from the helmet.

It displays more than 56 hours of autonomy without RGB activated (just over 16 hours in continuous play with RGB). But it would be a shame to deprive yourself of this little touch of elegant color for a helmet that is also perfect for small heads and pleasant to wear. It takes advantage of Logitech G’s Lightspeed wireless technology for a faster connection or via Bluetooth to a PC such as a smartphone or any other compatible device.

Logitech G Aurora headset G735
The Logitech Aurora G735 headset // Source: FRANDROID — Chloé PERTUIS

The headphones have control buttons on the back, including a button to quickly switch to mute mode. Note that colored earpieces (pink or green) can be purchased as an option to personalize the helmet.

The keyboard comes in two wired or wireless versions, on the same White Mist white base. The advertised performances do not differ in any way. Here we find a compact version TKL with adjustable height. The G715 announces 25 hours of battery life in game via the Lightspeed wireless connection or Bluetooth. They are both accompanied by the elegant cloud-shaped palm rest with a rather pleasant texture.

Four buttons adorn the keyboard and a wheel to control the media if necessary. They also have three options for switching between different sources (PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, etc.). As an option, it is possible to opt for colored keys in order to give a little pep to the keyboard by changing the keys or by choosing a green or pink flat top as an outline.

A desire to be at the crossroads between gaming and lifestyle that can be found even on the G705 mouse in a small format and featherweight (85 g) which is intended to be ultra-responsive, and also elegant with its luminous halo. To this, Logitech adds a Blue Yeti microphone, a brand that belongs to it. A way to complete the perfect setup for streaming your games with two colors to choose from (white or Pink Dawn). This is the exact same mic as the iconic Blue product. Its Blue Vo!ce software adds vocal effects to it to talk like a robot or a Chimpmunk, advanced studio tools and stream overlays for Streamlabs.

Blue’s Yeti microphone comes in white and pink // Source: FRANDROID — Chloé PERTUIS

Logitech G Aurora Collection Pricing and Availability

All products are available on the Logitech G site and from partner stores.

The Logitech G735 headset is sold at 229 euros, the G715 wireless and G713 wired keyboards are offered respectively at 199 euros and 169 euros. The G705 mouse is on sale at 99 euros. The special edition of the Blue Yeti Aurora USB microphone is announced at 139 euros.

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