iPhone 14 sans carte SIM

iPhone 14 won’t use a SIM card

On iPhone 14, the SIM card slot will not be available. For good reason, an innovation will replace the historical chips.

A few days ago, we learned that the iphone 14 price would begin from 1000 euros. Today, we learn that the iPhone 14 will not use the SIM card. This historic standard will be abandoned for a new format already integrated into the iPhone 13. But many people are unaware of this. From now on, place ateSIM.

The iPhone 14 marks the death of SIM cards, and that’s good

The next line of smartphones fromApple will not use the SIM card. The information comes from the very serious Wall Street Journal. This historical standard should give way to the eSIMa format that was already integrated into iPhone 13 and that several operators already offer. But what is eSIM?

The eSIM is an innovation that saw the light of day in 2010. It was born from the desire of manufacturers who wish to integrate more and more more features to smartphones. Indeed, each space gained in the device was valuable for installing other useful things. This is what first led to the downsizing of SIMs. The microchips that have been popular for a few years are already starting to disappear in favor of the eSIM.

The eSIM is fully digital and integrated into the smartphone’s motherboard. When you buy your phone, you only have to contact your operator who will make the change in a few minutes. No worries therefore for your change of packages. Moreover, this innovation has many advantages.

The adoption of eSIM, why is it advantageous?

The abandonment of such a historical standard should not be done without reason. For the Wall Street Journal, the record adoption of this innovation in several countries around the world would have pushed Apple to such a change. However, it will not be abrupt. The WSJ delays that only part of iPhone 14 would use it. In other words, there would be iPhone 14s with ability to use SIM card and others who wouldn’t.

Moreover, such an adoption also contributes to the policy of Apple. The apple brand wants to achieve carbon neutrality within 8 years. With such a change, Apple is reducing the use of plastics in nature, so less waste.

In addition, the eSIM is good news for frequent travelers. From one country to another, you will no longer need to juggle through the chips. Even though roaming offers you freedoms, they are restricted and the solution does not work in all countries. With an eSIM on the other hand, a simple phone call to an operator is enough to connect and be reachable. To this end, remember that this type of SIM always uses GSM.

Finally, the adoption of the eSIM aims for security standards. Stealing a smartphone would become more difficult, because its use would not be easy. A few changes to the eSIM are enough to disable the phone. Bad news for iPhone thieves!

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