arnaque rtx 3090 Ti sable

he spends $2600 to receive sand, the beautiful scam

Even if prices have tended to drop in recent weeks, Nvidia’s RTX 3000s remain rare and particularly coveted commodities. Whether by players and by thieves. A Brazilian user recently took advantage of Amazon’s Prime Days to buy an RTX 3090 Ti for over $2,600. In the box, no GPU, but pots of sand.

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For the past few weeks, the prices of Nvidia’s latest graphics cards, namely the RTX 3000, have finally started to drop. We owe this fall in prices to the efforts of manufacturers to bail out the stock, but also to the crash of cryptocurrencies which discouraged miners from throwing themselves on all of the latest generation GPUs of the green team.

Nevertheless, the RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 are still rare products and particularly in demand. So when a great opportunity arises to acquire one at a lower price, this Brazilian buyer did not hesitate for a second. Indeed, Mauricio took advantage of Amazon Prime Day 2022 to buy an RTX 3090 Ti at just over $2,600.

A few days later, he finally receives the long-awaited package. Only he finds that the weight distribution in the packaging rings false. He then asks his wife to film the opening of the package. Unfortunately for him, he was well and truly cheated since there was no trace of the famous Nvidia GPU in the box, but several pots containing sand…

He wanted an RTX 3090 Ti, he got sand

Note that he did not buy the card from a third-party partner seller, but from Amazon. Note also that the packaging was sealed. The user then tried to contact the e-commerce giant for redress, to no avail. The company remained deaf to his multiple requests. However and after several days, he receives a simple email inviting him to… delete their Amazon account. The art of the commercial gesture.

Mauricio has decided to take legal action to settle this dispute. At the same time, he began to tell his misadventure to the Brazilian media, and very quickly this scam made national headlines across the country. What finally attract the attention of Amazon.

This is not the first time that a customer finds himself with a completely different product than expected. In the months following the launch of the PS5, several users were scammed in this way. We remember this buyer who received two bottles of water instead of her PS5. More recently, a user bought an iPhone 13 at Fnac and ended up with a piece of tiling instead… When you buy electronic products in high demand, we advise you to film the opening of the package, in order to have video evidence in case of a glitch.

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