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finally a new design, but not sure if it’s for you

The Apple Watch Pro is becoming more precise and this model would inaugurate a new design. The connected watch would be entitled to a larger case which may not be suitable for all wrists.

The start of the school year is fast approaching for Apple, which will hold a keynote around mid-September. The meeting should allow you to discover the iPhone 14, but not only. It should also be about the Apple Watch and new versions of the connected watch. For journalist Mark Gurman, Apple will introduce three models with very different characteristics. A new Watch SE would replace an aging Apple Watch Series 3 which will not be entitled to watchOS 9. Entry-level model, it would accompany the Apple Watch Series 8 which would logically succeed the Series 7. Nevertheless, the small surprise would come from the Watch Pro which is already shaping up to be Apple’s new flagship watch.

Already mentioned a few months ago, this watch would be more robust and would target a very specific audience. Still according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the Watch Pro would come with approximately 7% larger screen. The watch would therefore be ” a little bit taller[e] » than the current Series 7 (45 mm). This variant would propose in passing a new design, presented as “an evolution of the current rectangular shape, but not circular”. A new approach for the connected tocante, even if we should not wait for a revolution with “flat slices”.

Bigger, sturdier, sturdier

These changes would allow Apple to offer a 46 or 47 mm case, which is 1 or 2 mm more than the most recent version. This new format would be designed to not attract “only part of the users”, because the Watch Pro would not necessarily target the general public. In addition to its large size – which will not necessarily be an asset to convince with the standard versions –; Watch Pro would stand out in terms of its design. Its chassis is designed to be more robustwith the use of titanium to invite themselves around the wrists of the most athletic.

The target of this new model would indeed be athletes and extreme sports enthusiasts. The watch would also benefit from a increased autonomywhich can go up to several days with the new mode ” low consumption “. Remember that watchOS 9 must provide an in-between mode, located halfway between the reserve and standard modes.

Finally, Apple would offer a temperature sensor on its new generation of high-end watch. For the first time since 2018, the apple brand would offer a redesign of its Apple Watch. the price should also change to get closer to that of the iPhone 13 Pro.

It is rumored that this Pro model would cost over $900, an introductory price of around 900 to 999 euros. Opposite, Apple will have to be wary of future watches equipped with the new Snapdragon W5 and W5+ chips.

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