A big PS5 exclusion soon on Steam Deck?

A big PS5 exclusion soon on Steam Deck?

Game News A big PS5 exclusion soon on Steam Deck?

Several clues indicate that one of the biggest PlayStation 5 exclusives could land on Steam Deck…

Challenge at your fingertips

The start of 2022 was marked by the launch of a new machine, the Steam Deck. Just like the Nintendo Switch, this tiny 120-gram gaming rig lets you play big games anywhere: on the train, on the plane, or even at the park. And as its name suggests, the catalog of the Steam Deck is that of Steam. Besides, According to numerous leaks and other rumors, there are several clues that Returnal, one of the big PlayStation 5 exclusives, is about to land on Valve’s store. Indeed, the Housemarque game, hidden under the code name Project Oregon, has been seen several times by Internet users. In particular, we saw screenshots of the PC version of the game several weeks ago, but today there is something new.

Just a few hours ago, the Project Oregon (aka Returnal) SteamDB page was updated. What we have been able to discover is that the title now allows you to add a new Steam Deck controller profile. What we are getting at is that the arrival of such a feature indicates that Returnal has a good chance of getting a PC version optimized for the Steam Deck.

A big PS5 exclusion soon on Steam Deck?A big PS5 exclusion soon on Steam Deck?

A release date already announced?

Unfortunately, no official statement has been issued by Sony or Housemarque, however, this update to the game’s SteamDB page may well indicate that this new version of Returnal is already well under way. We imagine then that the title, when announced, will quickly have a release date.

As a reminder, Returnal is not the best-selling game on the PlayStation 5, however, the title received excellent critical reception from the press and gamers. Indeed, the Housemarque title mixes the rogue-lite genre well with several other styles of play and even offers a welcome and nicely staged cryptic scenario.

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