Hunter Durendil Solos Sire Denathrius at Castle Nathria - World of Warcraft

Hunter Durendil Solos Sire Denathrius at Castle Nathria – World of Warcraft

I love hearing from Durendil. I always wonder what will be the next exploit that he will tell me about and what will be the boss of WoW who will have fallen under his blows. I remind you that he specializes in soloing bosses, which is a perilous exercise but oh so rewarding. This time, the Hunter has overcome Sir Denathriusthe final boss of Castle Nathria.

It’s quite monstrous and as you will see, Durendil needed a lot of courage and perseverance to defeat Denathrius solo. 733 trials. SEVEN HUNDRED THIRTY-THREE 😀

We can warmly congratulate him and I leave it to him to detail the fight below. It’s interesting and proves that you should never stop thinking, even if it means going back to a strategy that didn’t seem optimal at first.

I finally, after 8 weeks of intense trying and 20 different sub-strategies, managed to get Denathrius! I made a video with description and strategy in the subtitles, but for non-English speakers, here is a little explanation.

Last year, I lamented the lack of truly epic bosses in BFA. I was able to have fun with Tazavesh, but he was slightly worse than Mechagon (and I didn’t manage to get the last boss – shame). But there’s no equivalent to Mythic Kil’Jaeden, those absolutely awesome bosses you get once per expansion.

But much to my delight, Shadowlands had an epic and nearly impossible boss… Denathrius! Finally, like KJ, he would have been very very possible in the next patch, but like KJ I fell him a week early because otherwise it was to admit defeat against a boss who was easily beaten by 10 non-hunters in stuff 200.

Honestly, I would even say that he was a little harder than KJ Mythic – because there are 20 different ways to approach P2, which is hyper chaotic and determines the life of the boss in P3 – you have to pass the boss at 41% before the timer runs out – and determines if you survive P3, since there are 12 cabalists and you have to kill as few as possible but enough to survive.

So I had to 733 tries, but the P1 cost me 75-80% – even by optimizing the dps, I had trouble passing regularly, and the fart was taken from these slaps… The P3 was even more difficult in terms of dps, and you have to chain the healing on the pet too – which causes you to lose GCDs. And at 12 minutes he berserk and the AoE one-shot everyone.

And I’m not even talking about the 8 Mythical+ per week (so 64) for the weekly chest, where I was heroically fighting against the desire to do something else with my life.

But in the end, after a “perfect” try (boss at 41% in P3, no pet death) at 8% in AoE spec (because max survival), I switched to Mono spec. I optimized the dps and especially the survival because I had lost the third of my puncture. Try perfect and the boss is at 6%. On 40%, it’s still a lot.

So I pulled out all the stops: Mono spec with Execute talents! Which didn’t help for wipes in P1, low dps in P2, and even worse survivability. So I had to optimize the P2 to death and put the tank hits of the boss on the adds to less have to hit them.

Another perfect try, but really perfect, and there… 4%. That’s 10% of 40%, 380k, without burst that’s 30 seconds.

It was dead. I had the spec that did the most dps in Mono Execute, so in P3, and I had passed the boss at 41%. Twenty tries, including 3 perfect ones, and it doesn’t go down any further. I had Vantus and all. Even if I looted Rygelon’s weapon, it wouldn’t be enough.

But I was aware of another strat, discarded towards the 250 pullover because it was not functional: if the P3 lasts 4 minutes 20, why not keep its 2-minute CDs for burst 3 times? The reason was simple: if I do that, either I don’t pass P1, or I pass P3 at 47% at best.

Except I had an AoE spec. Who had the worst dps in P3, but the best in P2 with 2 targets (boss + sword). And I had spent 400 try to optimize the P2 (and wipe in P1. Often.). And this spec has a lot more survivability, allowing you to ignore 2 more cabalists than the Mono Execute spec.

As a result, it was quite difficult, but I managed to get the boss to P3 at 41% stack, using only one 2 minute Burst, and with 4:30 minutes before the berserk.

And there, everything fell like dominoes. With the previous spec, I was using my 2nd pot at 6 minutes, so my second P3 burst was at 11 minutes. There it was at 9:40. So it hit 20% really fast, and I was able to start chaining killshots – and gaining a lot of dps. In addition, the AoE spec is the one with the most focusing problems, so regular downtime. So I lost less dps to use care of the pet since often I managed to stall it during a dead time.

And that’s how I succeeded in the final mono dps race of Denathrius: with my AoE spec. That’s why I love soloing. And that I love this boss.

Next expansion, I’m doing it in Mythic. Where the boss has much more life and the P3 lasts 3min15 instead of 4min20. So I’m super excited for Dragonflight, I think Shadowlands raids will be awesome to solo.

See you soon, whether in season 4 or 10.0.

Durendil, soloist

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