this embarrassing detail he spotted on his brand's website

this embarrassing detail he spotted on his brand’s website

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– Posted on 23 Jul 2022 at 16:03

Booba continues his war against influencers. The rapper has once again attacked his rival Maeva Ghennam about his make-up brand.

The rapper is more and more talked about in recent days. A few months ago, Booba decided to do the war on influencers. In particular, he wanted to denounce the stars of reality TV who sell scams on social networks. The Duke of Boulogne is also in conflict with Magali Berdah, the founder of Shauna Events. The singer does not hesitate to settle accounts with his rivals on the web. He has also been banned from Instagram several times. It is via the Twitter platform that Booba now attacks his enemies.

For several weeks, B2O has been at war with the Marseillaise Maeva Ghennam. He does not hesitate as soon as he can to make fun of her and post it on social networks. Recently, he accused the reality TV contestant to steal its subscribers with some of its product placements. This time, Booba reveals a very embarrassing detail about Maeva Ghennam’s makeup brand.

Maeva Ghennam is in the middle of a bad buzz

On Twitter, the Duke of Boulogne shared a video montage in which Maeva Ghennam can be heard saying: “I personally agree to hire a lawyer and slap you in the ass. Now there is a promo code. There are people who do not receive their packages and I am losing credibility. I’m going to take care of it, I’m going to start putting my lawyers on the case because it’s intolerable’. La Marseillaise therefore threatened brands that did not follow through on their commitments to its subscribers. Following his edit, Booba shared Maeva Ghennam’s customer reviews for her maevaghennam beauty brand. Many of them complained that they also did not have never received their orders. To make fun of the reality TV candidate, Booba wrote in his tweet: “Be careful, the inner tube is out. She will call her lawyers to file a complaint against her own companies. “I lose credibilityeyyy” What audacity! She is not going to take the maf walk with the mules of Surinam and the women who killed their husbands”. And you what do you think ?

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