Renaud: his ex Romane Serda swings on the hell she went through “he beat me up like crazy”!

It was last year that the ex-wife of the famous French singer Renaud testified. Indeed, it is with the program “L’Instant de Luxe”, that the latter shared her infernal daily life as a wife. We can conclude after hearing his story that Romane Serda, his ex-wife, has really come a long way. We tell you all about hell that she may have suffered.


Renaud is a French singer who has made a lot of waves in his career. Indeed, at the time, he recognized himself with his raw vocabulary and his heady music. On the other hand, it must be said that the little children who sang his words took the risk of getting angry. It is true that the French employee was far from being supported or distinguished. But that does not prevent Renaud from being part of the greatest of his time. His music is still listened to today with a touch of nostalgia.

The C8 channel has also honored the singer this Friday, July 22. It was during a program called “The years of our idols” that his career was evoked. Indeed, the show talked about his big comeback in the music industry. It was last May that Renaud seemed to be back with his album “Métèque” which once again conquered the hearts of his fans. It must be said that a possible return of the artist seemed eagerly awaited by his fans.

The artist could also count on his ex-wife, Romane Serda. She has indeed supported her in the best as in the worst, like what she had promised during her union with Renaud. It must be said that for her, the family comes first. And though they don’t seem married anymore, he remains of his family.

Romane Serda as Wife

Renaud will always be part of the ex-wife’s family. It must be said that they remain united by a son, Malone. The mother of the family even testifies to Télé Loisirs that “Renaud, it’s the most beautiful love of my life. Besides, we had a child together. We love each other deeply even if we are no longer married”. But Romane Serda did not not only had beautiful love stories. Indeed, she testified to “L’Instant de Luxe” of what she may have suffered. It is therefore facing the camera that she opens up about her daily life as a battered woman.

The former wife of Renaud testified with raw words. “He put me on the ground, he made me fall, he was on top of me, he beat me like a patient”. She adds “Personally, I really want to say his name”, “But legally, I don’t want […]. He must be freaking out if he looks at me!”. Nevertheless, even if it does not reveal not the identity of his executioner, she wishes to emphasize that it is not about Renaud. As too often, Romane Serda is one of the courageous women who come out of silence. She has indeed filed a complaint but “He didn’t get much for what he did”.

The only one who would therefore know the identity of this man is Renaud in fact she says “He calls him ‘the asshole‘and he knows who it is’.

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