is a love story possible?  Confidences...

is a love story possible? Confidences…

Karine Le Marchand and Stéphane Plaza are inseparable. But if they spend a lot of time together, the two animators have never taken the plunge, to go from friendship to love.

It’s hard to imagine them without each other. Karine Le Marchand is a specialist in romantic encounters, Stéphane Plaza is king of real estate transactions, and yet, between these two, it is obvious. Weekend in Rome, grandstands at Roland-Garros, dinner for two…they don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy life together. But from friendship to a more romantic relationship, there is sometimes only one step. Could we, one day, see the two star hosts of the M6 ​​channel cooing together?

“There is an alchemy that takes place almost immediately”

Little chance, if we are to believe the statements of Karine Le Marchand to the newspaper The Parisian. Her Stéphane Plaza, she certainly adores him, but things should never go any further. “When we see each other, something always happens, there is something that clicks, an alchemy that takes place almost immediately. But I couldn’t be his wifeassures the mother of Alya. The friendship that binds us is only possible because we have no carnal love. As a couple, all of a sudden, we try a little to control the other, and our relationship is based on great freedom, on a deep love but not draconian. I love him, accept him as he is. But I can’t live with him!

“It’s a real meeting. A real crush”

Stephane Plaza and Karine Le Marchand…

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