his heartbreaking secrets about his life on the street when he was "begging"

his heartbreaking secrets about his life on the street when he was “begging”

Asked about Europe 1 on Saturday July 23, 2022, Michel Polnareff returned to a difficult period in his life: when he was younger, he spent three years on the street, doing “the sleeve”. The singer makes heartbreaking secrets.

Michel Polnareff is back on stage with Polnarêves, at the Le Palace theater in Paris. On this occasion, the singer was the guest of the show There is only one life in life, broadcast on Europe 1, Saturday July 23, 2022. He thus returned to his career but also passages more difficulties in his life. Indeed, the artist knew the dangers of the street and begged for three years. Exiled in the United States, Michel Polnareff then explains that he was helped by psychiatrists to be able to get out of it. “I went through some difficult times, so I wanted to dig deeper and see how to get rid of certain phobias, certain things… When you get into creation, creation is something dangerous” , he confided. And out of the question for him to have recourse to certain illicit substances.

Indeed, Michel Polnareff insists on the fact that he has almost never used drugs: “I do not use drugs. Well, I smoked in the 60s but I never went further , because it scares me. I like to be in control of myself,” he explains. The singer preferred to get help from health professionals to, for example, “learn self-hypnosis”. “I wanted to have guides,” he says. A method that allowed him to make “very interesting encounters”. Now, Michel Polnareff is better and with his new show, he has decided to offer a different experience to his fans: “During (…)

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VIDEO – Michel Polnareff confides in his difficult years and his relationship with drugs

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