Faustine Bollaert mom: rare photo of her children Abbie and Peter, the holidays begin!

Faustine Bollaert mom: rare photo of her children Abbie and Peter, the holidays begin!

The holidays continue for the family of Faustine Bollaert! After a stay at sea, the tribe embarked on new adventures far from the metropolis. Ready to go, the children of host Abbie (born July 18, 2013) and Peter (born July 24, 2015) waited for their flight at the airport with all the necessary paraphernalia for a successful trip. Travel pillow for the neck, comfortable sneakers, night masks to sleep well and Harry Potter backpack for Abbie (regularly nicknamed Abbie Potter by her mother), everything is ready for a luxury flight! “No, but this look of my little travelers!“laughs the wife of Maxime Chattam.

But that’s not all. Once well settled in the plane, the children of Faustine Bollaert have (of course) chosen their travel film. And it is without suspense that they chose the inimitable Harry Potter to accompany them during the flight. “What a surprise“says the 43-year-old host, accustomed to the great passion of her children for the saga of JK Rowling.

Arrived at their destination, the children then had fun riding a scooter in threes with a member of their family. As always, the presenter of the show The Best Pastry Chef took care to hide the faces of his children. Happy, Faustine writes: “And finally the happiness of finding the family on the other side of the world“. Peter is also 7 years old on July 24, 2022. Who knows, the host of 100% Magic will perhaps reveal images of the party on Instagram?

As a reminder, Faustine Bollaert fell in love with her husband in the offices of Europe 1. “I loved the writer and he really liked my show, he appreciated my work as a journalist. Suddenly, in Léviatemps, he had baptized his heroine Faustine, like the one he heard in the post but did not know. In this novel, the narrator, who is called Guy, Maxime’s middle name, falls madly in love with Faustine and leaves everything for her…” she confided to TV 7 Days in 2012. Subsequently, they said yes to the town hall of the 16th arrondissement of Paris, on August 31, 2012, in front of his mentor Michel Drucker.

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