Fabienne Carat mom, she reveals the face of her daughter in a photo that melts her subscribers

Fabienne Carat mom, she reveals the face of her daughter in a photo that melts her subscribers

On her Instagram account, this Saturday July 23, Fabienne Carat shared a new photo of her with her daughter, on which we discover the face of the latter.

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It has been almost nine months since Fabienne Karat discovered the joys of motherhood with the birth of his daughter, named Céleste. Very discreet about her family life, the 42-year-old actress takes the opportunity to, from time to time, share her happiness with her fans, with modesty. This is particularly the case this Saturday, July 23, since on his Instagram account, the former star of More beautiful life posted a black and white photo of her and her little one.

Her baby, her great pride

“A moment of eternity”, she captioned this shot, in which she looks lovingly at her little girl, who we see in profile. Until now, the actress took care to hide the face of her child with her hand. She thus concealed the small face of her baby, last June 11, during a moment of tenderness on a hammock. The pretty relationship that Fabienne Carat has with her little one seems to melt her fans, very happy for her. Last April, the actress participated in the podcast parents first of Tele-Leisure, and then revealed that she had “drawn a line” on the possibility of becoming a mother one day when she got pregnant with Celeste.

A child she no longer expected

“I had been off the pill for a very long time, twelve years. I was married for six years, I had companions a long time, two or three years, and I never got pregnant. There is also age. Even though I felt like I was 28, I didn’t have them anymore”she had launched with amusement, explaining that a gynecologist she had consulted put a little pressure on her to try her luck if she wanted to become a mother one day, while assuring her that “that [allait] be long” and “it doesn’t[était] not sure [qu‘elle] get there”. Despite everything, Fabienne Carat did not wish to have “medical aid” neither “force nature”. “I wasn’t ready enough and I was aware of the world we live in. I didn’t want to put a child in that world at all costs”added the one who finally saw luck smile on her by welcoming her first child into her life on December 6th.

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