Booba vs influenceurs : tout ce qu’il faut savoir sur une bataille acharnée

everything you need to know about a fierce battle

For several weeks, Booba has been waging a fierce fight against the excesses of influence. Dubious dropshipping, personal training account (CPF) scams, promotion of stock market trading sites… The Duke is engaged, but at what cost?

In his fight, he first targeted one influencer in particular: Marc Blata. Former friend and participant of shows like Angels or La Belle and her almost charming princes, the influencer is still singled out today by Booba. The rapper accuses him in particular of having promoted an NFT project which would in fact be a scam, of highlighting a trading site known as “Islamic” or to organize fraudulent contests.

The two individuals have continued to respond to each other on social networks for weeks. Between personal attacks and denunciations of all kinds, this story seems far from over.

Magali Berdah, headliner of influence

After focusing on Marc Blata and having made various accusations against several influencers (Nadé Blata, Maeva Ghennam, Sarah Fraisou, Dylan Thiry, etc.), Booba decided to attack the most famous influencer agent in the industry. , Magali Berdah. At 40, she is the head of the agency Shauna Events, the French leader in “e-influencer” marketing, and is particularly known for being a columnist in Do not touch My TV on C8, program presented by Cyril Hanouna.

Booba criticizes Magali Berdah for her misleading influence marketing, but the agent decided very early on to file a harassment complaint against the rapper. The denunciations of the artist on social networks against her have brought a wave of hatred to surge against her. Part of the Booba community is mobilizing and seeking to provide evidence against Magali Berdah, while another part is letting off steam against the boss.

Magali Berdah recently obtained the suspension of Booba’s Instagram account, a priori thanks to these accusations. One of his lawyers, Jade Dousselin, who spoke on the microphone of the worldwarns: Do not write that it is a ‘clash’ as ​​we hear in the media. We are talking about serious criminal offences.” His client adds: “I am harassed, threatened with death”.

A sincere fight

According to Booba’s entourage and his lawyer Patrick Klugman, the rapper’s fight is sincere. Shocked by the abuses of influence marketing, which mainly targets young people, the artist naturally also filed a complaint. On is indeed in front of something systemic. They are false stars, who […] get fake accounts to sell fake products. The only real thing is the harm to the consumer”says Patrick Klugman for The world.

Magali Berdah’s accusations do this fight a disservice since Booba is accused of having published mocking tweets, of having shared the agent’s address on social networks or of having mentioned a sextape that would be totally fake. For Magali Berdah, these personal attacks dismantle any form of sincerity on the part of the artist:He got into it because he saw that it worked”.

Sincere, Booba’s involvement in this case is in order. At the beginning of July, he launched the hashtag #influvoleurs against Shauna Events. The goal of this initiative? Collect as many testimonials as possible on the products sold by the agency’s influencers. A mailbox has also been set up for the same purpose. More than 300 declarations have already been collected, with the aim of presenting them to the fraud department. Dropshipping, promotion of CPF scams… a lot of evidence could rain down on Magali Berdah.

Synchronized with policy

The government very recently adopted unanimously the strengthening of sanctions against scams and aggressive commercial practices. This is one of the measures advocated by the government and put forward by Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy.

Shortly after being solicited hundreds of times by Booba and his community, the minister sent a series of tweets that looked like a response to all these solicitations. Coincidence or real accelerator? The minister’s office says that this timing would be the result of chance.

This weekend, Booba plans to speed things up and put an end to what he calls #berdahgateweek. Repeating “the master is coming” in his various tweets, the case is likely to escalate in the weeks to come.

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