Caroline Receveur

Caroline Receveur in St Tropez, she surprises her darling Hugo Philip in the middle of a kiss with a sublime man

To escape from their daily grind, influencers are rushing to leave Dubai. Without a shadow of a doubt, France is among their favorite destinations. This year, most have chosen to settle in the south of the country. For Caroline Receveur, the holidays are likely to be surprising due to a gesture from Hugo Philip.

Unusual holidays

As for the couple, their choice leaned on the lovely city of Saint-Tropez. The couple therefore left their villa to join the French Rivera. However, Caroline’s beloved confuses her followers with a completely unexpected move. This attitude risks upsetting the vacation of the two lovebirds. To pass the time, Caroline Receveur and her darling offered themselves a whole program. No risk of getting bored with the list of activities they have prepared.

For example, they organize several outings to the beach and one-on-one dinners. Without forgetting the lively atmosphere of the clubs and the entertaining colors of the drunken evenings. The couple does not fail to share their happiness with their loved ones. Moreover, they have certainly not forgotten their subscribers.

A strange picture

Indeed, the lovers post several pictures to give their news. Caroline and Hugo’s followers can see that their idols share everything about their vacation. Their photo and video galleries on instagram are well stocked. There is nothing that escapes the subscribers of Caroline Receveur and Hugo Philip. Those who are used to following them can see the smallest details of their vacation.

Like this Thursday, July 21, 2022, they may have noticed something strange on the video of the entrepreneur. The scene occurs on the dance floor of “Casa amor”, a warm space near the sea. Caroline Receuveur discloses a video which shows her friends wiggling their hips. An image from her Instagram Story reveals a gorgeous, mouth-watering alcoholic cocktail. And furtively, a snapshot shows Hugo Philip visibly distraught. It turns out that Marlon’s father did something quite unexpected. Caroline can’t believe her eyes and plays the video over and over again to check it out.

A mysterious character

Indeed, she can see that Hugo Philip quickly kisses a man! She also puts a caption to confirm what she saw. The influencer comments, exclaiming, “I was sure!!! “After this discovery, everyone is curious to know the identity of the one who broke Hugo Philip. But since the video was too fast, they couldn’t identify the mysterious individual.

All we know about him is that this handsome brunette is very attractive. It is an understatement to say it because it takes charm to please Hugo. This question that tickles the minds of Instagram subscribers may have an answer with Caroline. Fortunately, she did not fail to mention a name on the story. From this, we can get an idea of ​​who he is. Caroline names a certain “François H” on her story.

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