why they won't spend the summer together

why they won’t spend the summer together

On Instagram, Alexandre and Mathieu, the lovebirds of Love is in the meadow 15, shared a video to explain why they will be separated this summer.

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Matthew and alexander, who met on season 15 of Love is in the meadow, always seem on their little cloud. So even the distance is not likely to keep them apart. This summer, lovebirds will, in fact, having to leave a little, to better meet each other in the fall. On Instagram at the end of July, the young man, a professional training rider, revealed to his fans, in a video, that he left for the whole summer season in Deauville, in order to work.

Mathieu will soon be busy making his baby project a reality

“I managed to get a contract”, announced Alexandre facing the camera with happiness, rejoicing to finally be able to find his “racehorses” and “breathe a little” far from his daily routine in the Camargue. “It will change draft horses”, Mathieu launched with amusement. “We will meet then, at the start of the school year, for the release of the book”, said Alexander. For his part, the farmer will not be twiddling his thumbs this summer either, since he has planned to travel to Colombia at the end of August to realize his biggest dream, namely that of welcoming a child into his life. As reported Closerwho was able to interview him a few days ago, the bull breeder willstart a surrogacy procedurewith her husband.

A “long course” and perilous that does not scare lovers

Their little one should thus “to be born with the help of a surrogate mother, after in vitro fertilization” and all this will be very organized to avoid the slightest glitch. “We are followed by a lawyer within the framework of an association, so that everything is done with respect for the surrogate mother and to avoid administrative problems linked to filiation in France”, explained Mathieu to our colleagues, specifying that “it’s a long journey” to have a child born by surrogacy, that “success is not guaranteed”, but that their desire is very strong. “I know that one day I will give even more love”, he added with emotion.

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