Victoria Beckham's Son Romeo Reframes Mom After Suggestive Instagram Joke

Victoria Beckham’s Son Romeo Reframes Mom After Suggestive Instagram Joke

Romeo Beckham and his mother, Victoria Beckham at Paris Fashion Week. (France, March 1, 2022.) Abaca

The ex-Spice Girl has published a video, Friday, July 22, on which we see her husband, David Beckham, engage in some dance moves.

This is not the first time that Victoria Beckham has allowed herself a few naughty slips in public. Last April, a video from 2013 resurfaced on the Internet. We saw the ex-Spice Girl on the stage of the Glamor Awards, having fun with her sexual encounters with David Beckham … in front of their son Brooklyn, 14 years old at the time. This time, it was on Instagram that the fashion designer winked at her husband, and caused the embarrassment of one of her sons.

Friday, July 22, Victoria Beckham posted on Instagram a video of the former Manchester number 7, with whom she has been married for 25 years. The latter appears in pajamas, performing breakdance movements on a lawn, as well as the famous “earthworm” dance. And his wife captioned: “Twenty-five years later, David Beckham still shows me his worm”.

A most suggestive double meaning that greatly amused his fans. “I imagine you’ve seen it at least four times before…,” one replied. And another wrote, “Who would have thought he had moves like that…and your caption!”, followed by hilarious emoticons.

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Among the flood of comments, that of his 19-year-old son Romeo Beckham did not go unnoticed. Half-embarrassed, half-amused, the young man replied: “Hahahaha, mom, you have to change this caption”. Users were quick to react to the latter’s comment, all the more amused by the hidden meaning of the video. “It could have been worse, your mother could have said that your father always shows her his snake”, thus outbid a surfer.


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