this cult title with Charden which was deemed "too corny" and which almost never existed!

this cult title with Charden which was deemed “too corny” and which almost never existed!

Some would dream of riding in Doc and Marty McFly’s Deloreane to “return to the future”. However, for most, it would be more a return to the past that they would prefer. Since many people are nostalgic for the music of the 80s or even 90s. Among the hits of those years, Adventure, by Stone and Charden. A title still very listened to nowadays and especially in the evenings like weddings and others. But some were probably unaware that this title could never have existed.

In any case, this is what the 74-year-old singer, who is rumored to be addicted to the scalpel, implied in an interview with TeleStar. But Éric Charden’s sidekick also took advantage of this interview to discuss the emergence of duets in French song. When our colleagues asked her if she, with her late friend, hadn’t had the impression of having been the precursors of the duets, the artist replied: “Totally! In France, it has often been said that the public does not like duets, that it was very Anglo-Saxon, given the success of Sonny & Cher and Ike & Tina Turner. But after us, it there were plenty: Johnny and Sylvie, Ringo and Sheila…”

Thank you fans for Adventure

A little later in the interview the singer made a strange revelation. According to him, today’s fans almost never enjoyed this famous music that is Adventure. The reason ? The fact that the radios considered this song “cheesy”.

“No radio wanted to broadcast it. We thought it was corny”says Stone before giving some arguments that can explain this feeling at the time: “Besides, it was a waltz when pop dominated everything… But it was the public who claimed the song from the record company after a television appearance. It is always up to them to decide”. In the end, we can thank the public for having made the forcing and allow us to still be able to surround ourselves on such a cult piece.

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