Philippe Allaire, the man of the first 2-year-olds in Paris

Philippe Allaire, the man of the first 2-year-olds in Paris

It’s always a long-awaited moment in the summer in Enghien. The first races for 2-year-olds make it possible to see on the track elements that are generally valued and which all have in common a proven precocity. On Saturday, the fillies born in 2020, of the “K” generation, will open the ball in the Paris region in the Prix de la Porte des Lilas.

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If the 2-year-old fillies have their first race in Paris on Saturday July 23, it will be necessary to wait four days, that is Wednesday July 27, to discover the equivalent race for the colts in the Prix de la Porte de Choisy.
Honor to the fillies then. They will be ten to explain themselves in the Prix de la Porte des Lilas. Only one already has competition experience. It is Kerry Love, fourth on his debut at Bernay on July 17. This well-bred filly, sister for example to the good Insidedefends the colors of the French legend Jean-Pierre Dubois, who will be on his sulky this Saturday.
Yet eyes should be directed even more insistently towards Simm’s Kachina. It must be said that this filly brings together many assets. She left a good impression during her qualification in Caen, on June 7, in the kilometer reduction of 1’17”1. This makes her the officially fastest candidate at the start. It is also and above all presented by Philippe Allaire, the specialist in races for ultra precocious children in the Paris region. As a trainer, he is also the double title holder of this Prix de la Porte des Lilas and has won five of its last six editions! Simm’s Kachinawhich descends from the classic mare Charming idyllhas certain obligations, including that of succeeding Jakarta Galaathe “Allaire” on the 2021 list.
Another very prominent professional with the 2-year-olds, Fabrice Souloy, delegates two starters: Kalamity d’Héripré and Bush Kara, which appear to be competitive from the outset. Sébastien Guarato and Bruno Bourgouin are also among the trainers who like to get out of 2-year-olds quickly. Their representatives Kalina Baby and Kezira de Lou will also be eagerly awaited.

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