Norbert Tarayre announces a tenth season of The Best Bakery in France with a new chef!  (VIDEO)

Norbert Tarayre announces a tenth season of The Best Bakery in France with a new chef! (VIDEO)

guest in The summer club from Europe 1, Norbert Tarayre confirmed that The best bakery in France will soon be back on M6. He took the opportunity to reveal the name of the new chef who will accompany him on the roads.

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Last spring, dozens of bakeries across the country competed for the prize of The best bakery in France. After several weeks of competition, a pair of craftsmen finally stood out at the end of this ninth season. Rémy and Mathieu, from New Aquitaine, bluffed Norbert Tarayre and Bruno Cormerais with their 120-piece buffet (with breads, pastries, sweets and appetizers) based on the theme of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. They then succeeded Romuald Meunier, who had won the precious trophy last year and thus shine the Normandy region.

The best bakery in France : the M6 ​​program renewed for a new season

Since the start of the holidays, Norbert Tarayre has been on the air again to host The battle of the regions on M6. A program in which chefs defend their local cuisine and their great regional culinary classics. This Friday, July 22, the former candidate of Top chef was invited to The Summer Club on Europe 1 to talk about his show currently being broadcast, but also to talk about the start of the school year. He then confirmed that a tenth season of The Best bakery in France will be broadcast on M6: “Something new will be announced soon. And I will always be by Bruno Cormerais’ sidehe says.

Norbert Tarayre will be accompanied by a new chef

The journalist from Europe 1 therefore tried to find out more about this “nice novelty and big surprise reserved for viewers“: “A third person with you?“, she asks before he answers “yes”. At the time, Norbert Tarayre hesitates to give his name, but provides some clues to the listeners: It’s a little piece of woman that everyone knows. We saw it on my season of Top chef. She even redid a Top chef where she met the love of her life and with her married. She also had two beautiful children. She was from Nice and became Aveyronnaise. So have you guessed who it is? And yes… The great pastry chef Noemie Honiatmarried to Quentin Bourdy, will travel the roads with Norbert Tarayre and his sidekick during the next season of The best bakery in France !

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