Krypto and the Super-Animals: which French stars lend their voices to the heroes of the film?

Krypto and the Super-Animals: which French stars lend their voices to the heroes of the film?

Ready to live a supercharged adventure at the cinema this summer? See you from July 27 to meet a bunch of happy fellows in Krypto and the Super-Animals. Focus on the stars who give voice in this animated film.

Talking animals? Great. Talking animals with superpowers? Even better ! This summer, Superman’s super-dog and his endearing four-legged companions take you on a thrilling, action-packed adventure in Krypto and the Super-Animals, in theaters July 27.

When Superman and the other members of the Justice League are kidnapped, Krypto, the Man of Steel’s inseparable friend, calls on a team like no other to save the famous superheroes: Ace the dog, PB the paunchy pig, Merton the turtle and Chip the squirrel. But before that, they will have to learn to control their new powers…

For the French version of this frantic animated film by Jared Stern and Sam Levine, three French stars very popular with the public lent themselves to the dubbing game: the artist Soprano, the actress and comedian Muriel Robin and the presenter Denis Brogniart. So, ready to meet their characters?


He is without a doubt one of the favorite personalities of the French: the artist Soprano is trying his hand at dubbing for the very first time for the animated film Krypto and the Super-Animals. The interpreter of hits Cosmo, Roule and En feu, lends his voice to Chip, a fearful squirrel, who will become a hero in spite of himself.

While he had already made a few screen appearances in Tout Simplement Noir, Validé or even Our dear neighbors, the Marseille rapper reveals here a new facet of his talent to the delight of his fans!


To double the character of Lulu, diabolical guinea pig who wishes to dominate the world, who better than the hilarious Muriel Robin? Having become a reference in humor thanks to her sketches and stand-up shows, the actress also shines with her mismatched roles, as in Marie Besnard, l’poisonneuse in 2006, or more recently in Jacqueline Sauvage: c’ was him or me.

Far from being a novice in this field, since she has already participated in the dubbing of the films Tarzan and BĂ©cassine, the Viking treasure, Muriel Robin delights us once again thanks to her inimitable style in the guise of the Machiavellian Lulu.


To carry out her malevolent ambitions, Lulu can count on the help of a few allies, including a villain well known to the public: Lex Luthor, Superman’s enemy number 1. And it is none other than Denis Brogniart, one of the favorite presenters of the French, who lends him his voice. A first for him too!

Discover the interpretations of Soprano, Muriel Robin and Denis Brogniart in Krypto and the Super-Animals, from July 27 at the cinema.

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