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Jacob in solitary confinement | Emma accuses Camille and rejects Baptiste – Plus belle la vie July 27, 2022 (episode 4587) | More beautiful life

Discover the detailed summary of More beautiful life in advance episode 4587 of Wednesday July 27, 2022 broadcast on France 3. Baptiste learns of the death of Emma’s mother. Ariane thinks the main suspects are Camille and Jacob. Boher and Nebout are having a blast in their shoot with the babies.

Read the complete PBLV recap season 18 episode 4587 of 07/27/2022 in preview with all the photos from the soap opera Plus belle la vie.

Baptiste arrives at Justine’s to talk about Alice

Find it full summary of More beautiful life of Wednesday July 27, 2022 episode 4587 in advance, 3 days before the broadcast France 3): the recap of the previous episode PBLV 07/26/2022 is online.

Emma wants Camille to swear to her that she is not connected to Alice’s death. Kevin steps in and says Emma doesn’t mean what she said…she’s in shock.

Baptiste wakes up next to Justine early in the morning. He sees he has 12 missed calls…and Kevin shows up. He tells her that Emma’s mother’s body has been found. Kevin says Emma freaked out…he needs to take care of her.

Sylvia has prepared a “premium” breakfast to make amends with Romain. She ironed his jeans and wrinkled them all over. Then, Sylvia arrives at Vidal’s office with a teddy bear…and Sylvia’s voice. Vidal reassures her, she doesn’t blame him. Romain admits that thanks to the letter, he understood that he preferred Fanny to his ex-wife. Romain asks Sylvia via Léon the teddy bear to stop getting involved in his love affairs.

Romain PBLV

Roman makes a new acquaintance

Emma prepares the meal, Baptiste arrives because Kevin told him about his mother. He comes to see how Emma is…but she sends him packing. Emma tells Baptiste that he is like Camille… he only knows how to betray and lie. She kicks him out.

patrick nebout pblv

Boher and Nebout have a blast with the photos… is their investigation the priority?

Patrick and Jean-Paul got ready in their 31s for the shoot: Sylvia gives them some advice at the Mistral. Boher’s shirt, we’ll see the halos…and they have unmasked dark circles. Estelle exfoliates Nebout and…Boher is also waiting for her turn. Boher and Nebout are thrilled to be at Prune for the shoot with the baby. Jean-Paul tries to search while Patrick is occupying Prune: he finds cash in an envelope and an identity document that is not in his name. In the end, Patrick goes shirtless while Boher wants to keep his tank top for the casting.


Emma has more and more doubts about her sister

Sylvia and Emilie take Vidal to an outdoor fiesta. Romain finds himself dancing with a senior…he doesn’t know how to get rid of her. Then he stumbles upon a young girl (Vanessa) who hurts her ankle. Romain takes care of her by examining her and putting ice on her. As he goes to get a drink, Vanessa receives a text message…and leaves.

More beautiful life in advance episode 4587 of July 27, 2022: Jacob the return

New start of fire, Baptiste and Justine go to the field.


Emma is angry with Baptiste

Jacob was put in solitary confinement for biting off the ears of inmates who had spread rumors about him. Ariane comes to see Jacob in the visiting room…since he’s been in solitary confinement, he hasn’t said a word. Ariane announces to Jacob that he will be transferred tomorrow to be interrogated…and Camille too.

The highlights of Plus belle la vie July 27, 2022: what you need to know

Jacob pblv

Jacob back behind bars

– Boher and Nebout do their photo shoot
– Romain forgives Sylvia for meddling in his love life
– Romain meets Vanessa at a guinguette party
– Baptiste tries to be there for Emma but she doesn’t want him
– Ariane plans an interrogation of Jacob and Camille

Our opinion

The +

  • Jacob returns: hoping that he confesses this time his complicity with Camille
  • Ariane not tender with Jacob
  • Sylvia very cute to have Romain’s forgiveness


  • Emma and Baptiste, reconciliation is off to a bad start
  • Patrick and Jean-Paul a little too redundant the scenes with the babies

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Anne Decis, Marwan Berreni, Cécila Hornus, Pierre Martot, Laurent Kérusoré, Léa François, Stéphane Henon…

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To be continued the complete summary of Plus belle la vie in advance of Thursday, July 28, 2022 with episode 4588.

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