Quatre choses à retenir de cette première soirée à Brive Festival 

Four things to remember from this first evening at Brive Festival

This evening, they were 9,105 dancing to the sounds of DJ Rivo, James BKS, Synapson and Blak Eyed Peas for the first evening of the 18th edition of Brive Festival. A first evening that started around 6:30 p.m. and ended around midnight with the Black Eyed Peas. Here’s what we take away from it.

James BKS, the surprise

Stéphane Canarias had predicted it, and he was not mistaken: “We had bet on Vianney or Jain, and they had exploded on stage. This year, we bet on James BKS, he has great potential” , he confided in early July. And he was not wrong. The arrival of Idris Elba, its producer and musician, on stage, the time of a piece, created a nice surprise. The public did not hide their pleasure.

Why English actor Idris Elba will be on stage at Brive Festival on Thursday evening

For his first time on the Corrèze scene, James set fire to it, and he surprised festival-goers, especially for Clément, 27: “I didn’t know, but it’s very good, very ethnic. is festive, it makes you want to dance. Very good surprise!”

François, 23, didn’t know either: “Brive Festival allows you to discover new artists, it’s not the kind of music I usually listen to, but it sets the mood.”

The madness of Synapson and its “guests”

Synapson was at home on the Brive Festival stage, inviting talented guests in turn, including the charismatic singer Ana Kova, who accompanies James BKS. The duo had fun and the public too. The huge pit grew little by little. Night has fallen but the temperature has risen a notch.

9,105 festival-goers to cheer on the Black Eyed Peas

For this first evening, 9,105 people were present on the Brive Festival site to cheer on the first international star to welcome the event: the Black Eyed Peas. The American group does not keep its fans waiting by playing its greatest hits from the opening. A crazy show! Giant screen, big sound… We even saw Fergie and Shakira in the picture!

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A festival that matters

Brive Festival, is now “the age of majority” and the impact on its territory is undeniable. It is economical. “It’s 2.4 million euros spent with seventy local service providers, explains Stéphane Canarias, general manager of Festival Production. We occupy four hotels, just for the festival teams and the artists.”

Brive, Bourges, Marmande, Belfort… Why are music festivals so precious for their territories?

There are also these thousands of festival-goers who are 35 years old on average and who often stay two evenings in Brive. “50% of them come from outside within a radius of 200 kilometres. 20% sleep in a hotel or in other commercial accommodation”, specifies the director of the festival, which also employs 300 young people over four days.

Enzo Chatel and Emilie Auffret


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