David Beckham Films His Wife Victoria's Funny Morning Habit, Netizens Hilarious

David Beckham Films His Wife Victoria’s Funny Morning Habit, Netizens Hilarious

The complicity of David and Victoria Beckham also passes through a few small mockeries which amuse the gallery. The former star footballer posted on Instagram a video of his wife in a funny pose. A way to make fun of the particular morning routine of the latter.

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Although in love with his wife of 25 years, David Beckham sometimes allows himself a few little laudatory outings in the press with regard to his other half. Or at least, slightly smirking. Thus the former Manchester United and Real Madrid midfielder had regretted the eating habits of the ex-Spice Girl who, to keep control of her line, refuses a shovelful of food that is too cheat, too greasy, too sweet. A heartbreak for the handsome 47-year-old. This epicurean would like to share moments of culinary and gastronomic complicity with Victoria Beckham. But this is not the only small grievance he retains.

David Beckham makes fun (again) of his wife Victoria

On the lookout for another routine that slightly exasperates him, the former British football idol relayed this Wednesday, July 20 on his Instagram account a video that is both hilarious and mocking. He filmed himself in the early morning from the cabin of his yacht, which is currently anchored in the bay of Positano, off the Amalfi Coast (Italy). He displays a dubious pout, until in the background appears Victoria Beckham. This one, on the channel of the boat, devotes himself to his daily sports session, which obviously consists of mobile squats, elastic at the thighs to provide more resistance. In leggings and sneakers, concentrating on her very robotic movements, she obviously does not notice that her illustrious husband is filming her discreetly.

Antoine Griezmann and Eva Longoria laughing

The latter is finally content to giggle at the ridiculousness of the situation. He writes in the caption of his post: “Look at this, I can’t even get my coffee without Vic rushing over. A part of intimacy which did not fail to make Internet users laugh in turn. In the comments, we see, among the hundreds of reactions, the hilarious emoticons of Antoine Griezmann or Eva Longoria. For her part, Victoria Beckham preferred to turn a deaf ear and not react to the small provocation. Less ironically, she even preferred to relay on her account a photo of her husband in a swimsuit.

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