Booba provokes Kaaris by posting his private conversation with his ex, Linda

Booba provokes Kaaris by posting his private conversation with his ex, Linda

Booba is ready to do anything to harm his rivals, even to interfere in the private life of certain rappers like Kaaris to whom he hasn’t let go since the start of their clash even if the latter no longer responds to attacks since the cancellation of their fight in the octagon in 2019. The DUC just befriended Riska’s ex-girlfriend Linda and didn’t hesitate to let it be known.

Kaaris is going to freak out!

The mother of Riska’s first child has been throwing everything in recent days on her past relationship with the author of Zoo. She denounced the behavior of her former companion who would have cheated on him with another woman, forced into silence, he would have even refused to pay alimony for his daughter or even abused. Following the sensational revelations of the young woman against Kaaris, her lawyer replied with a complaint for slanderous denunciation as he confided to Mouv ‘.

“My client is very calm. He does not wish to respond or feed the fabrications of his ex-companion. (…) My client is undergoing an ignoble media vendetta. Justice will, without a doubt, be able to restore the truth, and he refutes any accusation of violence and demonstrated to justice the dishonesty of his ex-companion. he communicated. In this case, Booba wanted to support Linda by revealing that they are both chatting together on Whatsapp.

Booba and Linda are going to drive Riska crazy!

The 92i rapper rejoices in his complicity with the former Riska and did not miss the opportunity to display the exchanges between them. Indeed the former companion of Kaaris sent several messages to Booba who responded by entrusting him with anecdotes. “Linda, well first of all I’m surprised by your video but it doesn’t surprise me. Just to tell you that you were indeed collateral damage. We don’t pick on women in general, unless she’s evil. And that’s not the case with you. We just wanted Armand, we knew who he was from the start. ».

“For the little anecdote, now that your couple is screwed. The first time we took him to a showcase was in Lille I think, we ended up at the hotel after the show, without doing anything illegal. We had a room, there were girls. And we, in 25 years of career between us the 92i, never someone kissed someone on the mouth in front of his friends. And so, Kaaris in maximum emotion finds himself in the room, and clogs two blondes exploded in front of us. From the start we knew he was not ready. » Booba then comments on the time when he was still close to Riska.

In their Whatsapp conversation in private, Booba and Linda have fun making fun of Kaaris by assuring that he would have treated his daughter as a liar because he would not have assumed his affair with his current companion while the Sevranais artist also comes to incur the wrath of rapper Gato.


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